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The Misleading Match


In this text message conversation I’ve made, you can see how the climax is resolved in Matched, by Ally Condie. Towards the middle of the book, the problem is introduced to us: Cassia has to choose between following her heart or following the rules. Cassia contemplates the decision carefully, and after knowing what was at stake, she makes an informed decision to follow her heart. I chose to make text messages, because I think this is a very clear way to represent the ‘antagonist’, the society, in the series. Cassia makes statements for what she believes, but the officials kept waving it away, showing the society does not think much of an individual’s idea. This proves that in this ‘utopian’ world, the government wants to be in control of everything, and being different is highly frowned upon. Cassia is the only one ever to think maybe the community isn’t perfect, and this thought shapes her character, and the choice she makes will resolve the climax.


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Miraculously Matched


In the utopian community of Matched by Ally Condie, everybody has similar traits and spends every moment of their lives obeying the society’s rules, except for Cassia Reyes, who is thoughtful and has a special personality.

Cassia, the protagonist, is kind and wants to help others: “‘And help him fit in?’…’I will’” (Condie 58). This was when Ky just moved to their city when they were six, and didn’t have any friends. Cassia’s mother asked her to help him fit in, and almost immediately, Cassia agreed. She didn’t even know who Ky was, and yet she already wanted to help him. She sympathized with him, and imagined just how lonely and sad he was, to have to move to another city and abandon the life he lived. Most kindergarteners only want to do what makes them happy, and don’t even pause to think about other lonely kids. This shows that she wants to make everybody feel included and welcome. Even though she is kind and seems passive, she has her own strong opinions.

She generally likes things that are more special, even the dress salesperson says, “‘You’ve picked things outside of the majority in the past’” (25). This proves that everyone thinks Cassia is unlike others. Even someone who only knows her based on her case file assumes that she isn’t superficial and shallow like other girls in the community. She chooses what she wants, and sticks with it. This will help shape the rest of the story, as she has to choose between the path she’s always known and marry Xander, or follow her heart, and choose Ky instead. It’s unheard of for someone to disobey the society’s rules about who they have to marry, but for someone like Cassia, this is a possibility.

Cassia is very different from me, but we share one similar trait: we both want to help others. A recent example is during summer, I became three peers’ summer email buddy because I wanted to assist them into transitioning to ISB. I talked to them in school so they wouldn’t feel sad or lonely. Of course, Cassia is braver than me and more special, but being kind is one similarity I can easily spot.

Cassia has a conflict that will shape her life coming up, but with these examples of her being kind and differing from her peers, I can trust that she’ll make the right decision.


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