She was a lot of things. She was a victim of war; she was a developing teenager; she was a citizen of Iran. But above all, she was a confused girl with no experience and too many ideas and too many decisions to make. Her parents were extremely anti-shah, forcing her to go to protests every week. But she did not agree with her parent’s ideas. No, of course not. How could she, when she believed that the shah’s made all of the right decisions? But she was just a teenager. All she could do was write journal entries about her life as a bystander of the Iranian Revolution. And now, after all these years, she finally decided to publish it for the world to see.

Ever since the Iranian Revolution, a lot things have changed but some things stayed the same. One thing in particular that changed was that there were elections for Iran’s leaders and government. Women have more rights now and can be part of the Iranian government and parliament. There is also a legislature, prime minister, and president. Unfortunately, one main thing stayed the same. They had presidents and parliaments; however, Ayatollah Khomeini was the only one with actual power. He was a supreme leader, and had the power to appoint leaders of TV stations (this means a lot of propaganda), armies, and more. Khomeini made the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, which was a police force that started off with a good cause, but ended up just oppressing the powerless citizens.