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Great Wall Feature Article

As the sun rose, the golden gleam of light showered over the bricks. The peaceful green of the wild mountain seemed to join into the man made structures of the wall. The students of Futures Academy were astonished by the beautiful stone dragon, stretching across the mountains, marvelled by how men could build such a […]

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Reading Response #3

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth Assignment: Create a “word collage” for the novel and explain how these words and phrases contribute to the development of the novel. “They let my sister die!” Nico’s voice trembled with rage. “They’re here to kill me!” This phrase spoken by Nico di Angelo […]

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Reading Response #2

Book: Lockwood & Co. The Hollow Boy Assignment: Choose five current events that relate to the themes in the novel. Describe in detail how they relate.   Conflict between colleagues: In the book, the characters argued because of there conflict of personalities, displaying arguments and disputing. These where also influenced by their desire for a higher […]

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