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  1. Money Solves Everything

    November 9, 2017 by Jazzy A.

    On October 03rd, in the year 1903, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Exeter were blessed with a baby boy, which they named after Mr. Lawrence Exeter. Lawrence Exeter Jr. They had spoiled him rotten, they bought him expensive toys and bikes, that would have costed a fortune in modern times. They bought him an amazing car, that their son had broken countless times, and they paid for the repair, every single time. He was then educated in a private military academy.

    Lawrence Sr. realized his chance and decided to take it. Daisy had never paid much mind to the love notes and fancy gifts he often sent her, and whenever he tried to express his affection she shied away, stating that she respected herself and Mrs. Exeter too much to become a mistress. However, when Lawrence offered her a whopping $25,000 to pay for her college education (that’s about $300,000 in today’s money), she couldn’t refuse such an opportunity. So the young Daisy Windsor allowed Lawrence Exeter to whisk her away to France and spoil her with romantic boat rides, walks in the park, and pricey flower bouquets, in exchange for a college education upon their return a month later.

    However, Daisy’s trip to France did not go quite how she had planned. She sensed something was changing when Lawrence kept taking her to look at expensive European furniture, and buying her anything she glanced at. Then, two weeks into their stay, Lawrence purchased an expensive engagement ring completely with a huge, glittering diamond and proposed to her, promising to divorce his wife once she returned from her world tour. After a moment of shock and bewilderment, Daisy accepted,  They honeymooned in Hawaii. From there they sent a postcard to Lawrence Jr. announcing their marriage. Lawrence Sr., fearing his son would be in disapproval of the marriage, also sent along his checkbook, along with a note explaining that the &200,000 could be spent however he wished.

    Lawrence Jr. was not pleased. His own father, betraying his mother for some woman that does not even have a college education. As spoiled as he was, he still loved his parents. He stepped out of his house, and started his car (which was repaired three weeks ago). In the sorrow of the moment, Lawrence Jr. drove carelessly throughout the city. Letting his car get scratched, it would just get repaired again. He continued aimlessly, staring at mothers and fathers rolling strollers with new born children. Some even had two.

  2. “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe – Third POV

    October 31, 2017 by Jazzy A.

    Noah stopped, and waited. He would not move, nor breathe, as he blended in with the heavy darkness, but old Mr. Brown could still feel his presence. He gasped with horror, and fear spilled out of him like blood from an open wound. His heart was thumping, getting louder every second, like it was going to bust a hole through his chest and land on the floor. Noah still waited, he looked for the right time to strike. Mr. Brown was terrified. “Who’s there?” He said meekly, he knew he was not alone, because not after a second, a bright light erupted from a broken lantern Noah held. So did his cold, pale hands, which pushed Mr. Brown off his bed. He shrieked, so loudly that the neighboring country must have heard him. Noah, without hesitation, had pushed the huge bed over the old, frail man, and left it there until he let out his last muffled breath. Not a sound, not even a single heartbeat was heard. Noah smiled like a mad man, as he slowly mutilated the body, first the head, then the arms and legs. He did it so carefully, as not to let even a single drop of blood land on the wooden flooring, burying the severed body of Mr. Brown in his own house, replacing the wooden planks so that no one, no one would suspect a thing. Noah let out a sigh of relief, as the cold stare of the old man’s blind eye would not bother him any longer.

  3. April Goddess

    April 24, 2015 by Jazzy A.

    In spring, the flowers bloom, the sun shimmers, and the woodland creatures awaken. Suddenly, gales of loud winds, the sky turns gray. The snowman army is coming. Helpless families plead the kings to summon the army, but as sad as it gets, they froze to death. Hours of the king searching helplessly of a brave man who could fight, there was no one. Then…


    The snowmen have arrived shooting snowballs, and killing citizens. Winter will take over the years, no more warmth, no more sunny days, no more summer drinks.

    With one remaining family, the royal family.

    They had found an unusual flower in their fancy garden. They praised it one last time.

    All of a sudden it spoke, and a soul came out of it. Her name was April, her warmth made happiness for the king, and vanquished the snow army in a warm heart beat. The flower buds grew again, and the birds were chirping. Spring is here and we will thank the maiden of April for saving it.

  4. The Waffle Planet

    April 14, 2015 by Jazzy A.

    A little world,

    alone in the vast universe.

    We don’t know what lives there,

    but I sure do.

    This planet has nothing but rooms.

    rooms with the stunning scent of pastry.

    This planet is devoured, but is replaced every morning.

    Wait a minute…

    It makes sense.

    It is the life of my waffles.

    One is sacrificed to start my day.

    This universe is the oven nebula

    And the magic of the waffle planet is reborn for all eternity.