12 Jun 2018

Meanwhile those who is working under the stage…

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“You know what I saw? Darkness, I see nothing except darkness. In this dawn! in this city!”

“You do know what you are doing right?” the prince asked.

“I know exactly what I’m doing right now, and I know the consequences of that, but what else can you do?” Friar Shrugged “I spend my life on bringing back the peace in Verona, look at what is it right now, the same chaos, the same families fighting over each other, the same people who suffered in the same city. Who can conject it won’t kill more people in the future? Yes, I hope this will stop in somedays, I hope people in Verona would have a better day to live on, to truly enjoy their life, that’s why I’m doing this”. He then took a deep breath and continued his speech; his face was taut and frenzied because of loss of oxygen and burst of passion “Now I’m answering your question, are the peace in Verona important to you?”

“Yes, of course! I always take the peace of Verona as my duty, but…” prince’s words were then interrupted by Friar.

“Great, we both agreed on that.” Friar’s face started to calm down and became the priest he usually is.

“We both wanted to bring back the peace in Verona, but the question is how? I tried many ways to achieve that, sadly noun of that came true. Everyone knows that Verona is a powder keg that will explode up in any time, the only way to solve this problem is to take the most extreme measure—-nobles died in the conflict, so you can have the right to stand in and call this to a stop. But who is willing to do this?”

Prince saw some hurt in Friar’s eyes, but Friar quickly hid away and shifted the topic. “I’m not willing to be a hero, but when it comes down to it, one’s state must come first. it is the time for those who know what to do to stand up and say it out loud ‘I will take the task!’. for which will sacrifice them self to bet on the chance of success. So, I stood up to do this.”

He took a step back and sat on a rock “I killed them, I murdered two young lives. they won’t die if I didn’t give them the wedding; they won’t die if I didn’t let Romeo hold on to his lover; they won’t die if I didn’t give Juliet the poison…” His face was calmer than ever, “I’m willing to accept any judgments given by you and execute it in my entirety and good faith, one last usage of an old man’s life.”

The silence between two men.

Eventually, the Prince restart the conversation. “Soldiers does all the dirty stuff, leads responsible for the interests, as for honor, better leave it written on the book.” He waves his men to fallback. “I won’t send any punishments on you.”

“Your honor.” Friar stood up, the first beam of sunlight came out from clouds, strike on his face, the light was brighter than ever.

13 Feb 2018

4 reasons why I like the book “The Da Vinci Code”

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  1. Author used lots of artistic, religious, and historical facts. Not just simply put the information in the text, he chooses to add the facts in each of the stories, even for people like me who don’t know much about history or religion can easily understand. And the recode of the last words of director Jacques Saunière was also very impressed, “O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint!” was not what it literally means, instead disrupt the sort and reorder them together “Leonardo da Vinci! The Mona Lisa”
  2. Giant mind storm. If I don’t read the book I would never thought that “Mona Lisa” can be Da Vinci himself as a symbol of Androgyny and on the thirteen men in the painting “The Last Supper”, one of them was women. He described Jesus as a man not a god and claim that he married a woman which was Mary Magdalene he saved and left child after he dead.
  3. Used alternating prospective, the experience of discover of Langdon is the main prospective, three secondary story lines intertwine in the main line. The number suspense leave in the story line was just right, leave reader enough space to imagine and not to feel bored.
  4. It’s so famous that almost everyone knows its name, even though there are some suspense that may be hard to understand, you can still find your answer online. If you still don’t get the plot, the movie will also help you understand.
10 Jan 2018

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The book “The hunt for Red October”, tracks Soviet newest submarine captain Marko Ramius who betrayed his country because of his dissatisfaction with the country and the loss of his wife. He killed the political officer in the ship, controlled the ship and explained there should be zero radio contact in the mission to stop the crew reporting to the USSR Navy. Before his shipped off the bay, Ramius wrote his plane in a letter and send it to Kremlin and let Americans know where the Red October is heading on propose.

In order to not to let this newest submarine fall into American’s hand, Soviet send planes and ships to trace and destroy the Red October. Americans noticed the abnormal trace of Red October and believe the ship is coming to nuclear America. At the same time, Soviet ambassador also claims to Americans that the missing sub is to nuclear America.

Meanwhile the CIA agent Ryan receives top secret information from the Cardinal and believes Ramius was trying to bring his ship defected to America and convinced president to provide defectors asylum.

Another CIA officer, set out on the HMS Invincible for their mission. After days of searching, finally the USS Dallas locks in on the Red October. They use the HMS Invincible to track the ship, while pretending to be unaware of its presence. To get connect with the Red October, the USS Dallas let Red October detect it and it does take the sub’s attention. While the ship surfaced to observed surroundings, HMS Invincible sends it a message and informs Ramius that he is being pursued by the USSR Navy. The Red October agree to meet Invincible. However, the chopper sent to the Red October was crashed. Finally,  the plans of Ramius are revealed to all the common sailors on board. The ones that do not want to defect are taken off the ship. A decoy submarine is blown up and identified as the Red October. Ramius meets with Ryan and the others on the U.S. ship. They plan to safely send the Red October to the United States.



9 Nov 2017

Ordeal by Cheque

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On September 2, 1903, Lawrence had a son. He named the boy after his name Lawrence Jr. Sr. is a successful businessman, he gave the best education to his boy to raise him up. As the time goes by, in 1926, the boy was already a student of Stanford university. He was 23, young and has the ability to take care of himself. But the economic crisis in 20’s had done a serious damage to his father’s company, Jr. thought for a long time and decide to invest a steamship company in Hawaii and let Jr. stay in America to finish his college. Before Sr. left, him gave 200,000 dollars to Sr. as the fund for his last year of college.

“Tony, please, give me few more days, I promise I will give the money back.” Jr. try to use the humblest words he can say to beg him “I will give you the money in five days, my father got a big business in Hawaii, he will give me money very soon”.

“that’s the last time I will trust you, now I give you a chance, you don’t have to pay the money in one time, but you have to pay 100 dollars every day with interest, until you give me the right money” Tony seems very angry, after all, no one wants to chase somebody every day.

Now there is a big problem in front of Jr. is that he is no longer has the ability to pay for the bill. So two days later, he can’t even give out a hundred dollar.

“Twenty-five to let a man vanish from US, sounds like a nice idea, right?” Jr. listened the guy in front of him saying, “as long as no one will doubt me.” Jr. quickly take out his check book and write down Peter with twenty-five dollars. He finally got a brilliant idea after he realized he has no ability to pay the bill—no one will ask for money after they dead. He hired a man who lost his job to kill him, cheap and convenient.

“You think you can kill me, but you failed, do you think guy like me won’t have any protection? If no, I will be dead years ago” Tony is pointing Jr. head with a gun “you forgot you are dealing with a gangster, not a poor homeless man.” And now, you have to pay for what you did.

Bullet goes smoothly through the brain and come out in the back, left a hole filled with red and white mixture.

22 Oct 2017

rewrite of the “the tell tail heart”third person limited

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I can see them staring at each in the dark for a long time without any single movement, but this situation is starting to get exciting after the old man’s slight groan. Our murder can’t wait to let the old man’s eye close forever, so he slightly opened the lantern. On the other hand, the old man obviously knows there is something outside the room, so after the groan, he didn’t actually lay down on the bed. Instead, he set straight on the bed, eyes wide open as those Japanese comic characters, their eyes took 1/3 of the face. The dim light from the lantern illuminate the old man’s face and the old man’s eye. They stared at each other like a minute, for a moment I thought they are going to keep the way they are standing forever, only the increase of the of the sound they breath and the sweat on their face can let me say that they are still alive. Eventually the murder jumped out with a loud yell, that is actually scared me. And now is the climax part, is so shame that I can play the background music for them. From their above I can see that the murder jumped in like a solider jump out from his t