Nikolai’s Journal entry

Nikolai’s Journal entry:

The Potemkin:

The revolution wasn’t expected, and it caught the attention of everyone in Russia. We thought that we were helping, but we weren’t. Instead of being idle, we have taken sides in this revolution. We will seize this opportunity to help the thousands of people that have suffered from the treacherous acts of the Tsar.

I was young at the time, around 29 years old, I grew up in a small town far away from Siberia. When I heard that the Russian navy were recruiting young men to join, I was excited. I was then assigned to a pre-dreadnought called the Potemkin to fight another battle in the Russo-Japanese war. At first I was loyal and willing to fight and die on the battlefield for the Tsar. But the longer I was aboard on that horrid ship, the more my perspective about him changed. Although we were well paid soldiers, that trip on the Black Sea changed all of our futures.

We set sail on the Black Sea to test our weapons systems. After an exhausting day of drills, we expected a nice meal for our hard work, however we were rewarded with maggots crawling in and out of the meat for our meal. We obviously refused to eat such foul meat, but we were forced to eat it at gunpoint by our captain. This triggered something inside of us, something deep down that we couldn’t control and everything was about to be changed.

We did something that we never would have thought of at the start, we committed an act of mutiny against our officer and our captains. We shot 7 of our officers dead and threw their rotten corpse into the sea, where we hoped that the sharks and fish would eat their stone cold corpses (was that too descriptive? Scary?). We didn’t know it, but we somehow inspired others to join our conspiracy against the Tsar. Because on the next day, another battleship called the Georgii Pobedonosets, also betrayed their officers and joined us to fight against the Tsar.