Oneday exhibition cheese


How do you feel?

a.I feel pretty good

What did you learn?

b.I learned to organize myself better

What did you feel proud about?

c.Completing two stories, one for fun the other seriousness (after I found out we had to present)

What was one of the struggles?

d.Time management after spending so much time writing the funny one

What do you think about the quality

e.I think that the quality of the second one was better then the first (because the first one was random).

Did you get any help or review?

f.No, I did not

What makes you think it’s better then your original design.

g.Uh… I gave it a more serious tone (2nd one) because I thought that it wasn’t satisfying to show it to others unless it was some of my trusted mentees.



Here is the link to the story: