Basically me

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basically introduction

I’m YinWah. Done, I don’t really do these kinds of things like writing about myself just because it sounds and looks ridiculous to me. I sorta like to write and it’s a small hobby that’s been a part of me since 5th grade… I like to play video games like Age of Empires, StarCraft 2, LoL and CS:GO. They’re all fun (in my opinion) extremely fun strategy games that I love to play and it gets me thinking on how to attack the enemy (or defend). I have a brother and sister, my brother is in 10th this year and my sister is in 11th. I really love reading books, the series that i’m currently reading is called Redwall by Jacques Brian, the first book that I read was apparently called Taggerung which was NOT in fact the first book in the series, making it very confusing  for me to catch up.  My favorite website is probably going to be 9gag as it lifts my spirits up reading and looking through the posts of others. Also, if not already mentioned (which hasn’t already been mentioned) I come from Hong Kong and lived there for 7 years before coming to ISB during the second grade. I especially dislike scratching a chalk board even though there isn’t one in ISB, i really hate the sound of it.



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