Books I’ve read

  1. Taggerung – Brian Jacques

2. The Pearls of Lutra -Brian Jacques

3. The Long Patrol -Brian Jacques

4. The Rogue Crew -Brian Jacques

5. Doomwyte -Brian Jacques

6. Lord Brocktree -Brian Jacques

7. Eulalia -Brian Jacques

8. The Bellmaker -Brian Jacques

9. Triss -Brian Jacques -Brian Jacques

10. The Sable Quean -Brian Jacques

11. The Lost Hero -Rick Riordan

12. The Son of Neptune -Rick Riordan

13. The Mark of Athena -Rick Riordan

14. The House of Hades -Rick Riordan

15. The Blood of Olympus -Rick Riordan

16. The Fire Within -Chris d’ Lacey

17. Ice Fire -Chris d’Lacey

18. Genesis -Bernard Beckett

19. Frankenstein -Mary Shelly

20. Do androids dream of electric sheep? -Phlip K. Dick

21. The Giver -Lois Lowery

22. Rapunzels revenge -Shannon Hale

23. Wonder -Raquel J. Palcio

24. Bamboo people -Mitali Perkins

25. The Screaming Staircase -Jonathon Shroud


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