Passionate Project Interview

I interviewed two friends, and gained suggestions. The first interview occurred along time ago when I started conceiving the goal. He was a professional car model builder who had lots of experience, and he suggest me to start with the 430 model kit I’m working right now, my original plan was to make a Laferrari out of a resin kit instead of the 430. But he said that resin is hard to paint, and newbies like me shouldn’t work on it. He gave me paint suggestions and taught me techniques on building.

(this is the car that I dreamed of building, it’s a ferrari FXXK EVO based on the laferrari, the racing version)

I bought this model from BBR Deluxe, a highly exclusive Italian car model maker that produces this model in limited edition, I might bring it to school and display it with my final product.

The second person I interviewed was a car model collector like myself. I mainly discussed about the color decisions with him. At first, I wanted to do the car Bianco Fuji, like the FXXK EVO I originally wanted to build (pic above), be he said that since my stock 430 display car was already white, I should choose another color to work on. And we decided to go with Rosso Fuoco, a metalic red color that’s really beautiful, he also suggested me to put a layer of gold before I apply the red paint, because it could make the red brighter and increase the metallic feeling of the car, and make it more beautiful.


(Here’s an example of the color on a regular FXXK)



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Passionate Project Day 2

All materials have arrived, and I’ve finished up the basic race car modification build.

There have been some changes in plan. I discovered that the white 430 car body wouldn’t fit to the racing chassis, and I had to do the build base on the race-car instead. The interior, engine, have been successfully built. I also did some modifications to the chassis: I added a special piece to improve the aero dynamics under the car.


I also started to dismantle the car body of the race-car, preparing for the repaint after spring break. But as I worked, I found out that the pieces were glued onto the body… and it made the dismantle process very hard. I even had to destroy some of the parts in order to dismantle the body work.

This would make the restoring process of the car really hard….

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Ferrari F430 race-car building procedure

Car building:
Engine Assembly-Ferrari Naturally Aspirated V8

Interior Assembly: Racing seats, race car dashboard, roll cage

Chassis assembly: Install the engine, Install interior, Install racing wheels, Install racing suspension


Exterior Modify:

  1. Disassemble lights, air vents, windows…
  2. Use paint remover and remove the paint job
  3. Install racing aero package
  4. Repaint the car in Rosso Fuoco
  5. Add racing details (stripes, carbon fiber)

Final Assembly:

Intall the car body with the chassis

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Passionate Project Change in Plan

After discussing with some professionals, I discovered that the kit I’m planning on building is too hard for me right now. So I’m changing the project car.

The original plan was to make a Laferrari resin kit in blue. Now I’m planning on making a Ferrari 430 scuderia race car. It’ll be too late for me to learn 3D-printing and print parts, so I’d have to recycle parts from another model. And I hope the final product would turnout like this.


I’m starting with 3 car models, a 430 challenge race car, a maserati granturismo gt3 racecar, and a 430 scuderia.

I’m going to dismantle parts from the 2 race cars and fit the racing parts to the scuderia and create a new car. Because parts are from different cars, the colors aren’t going to be matching, so after the modification build, I’m going to repaint the entire car in Rosso Fuoco.


Here’re the cars I’m going to be working on.

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3 Reasons why Fergus and Danny have a special relationship.

In the story Payback written by Andy McNab, Danny lived in Spain with his grandfather Fergus, an ex-SAS soldier, hiding from killers around the world. But they were on the run again, and they headed back to UK, determined to put a stop to the nightmare!

1.Fergus was Danny’s grandfather.

These two men had kinship relationships. Fergus cared about Danny through out the entire trip, even though they didn’t have good relationships at first. Danny was unhappy about leaving the UK, his home, and leaving his girlfriend Elena. He refused to follow Fergus’s orders.


2.Fergus taught Danny skills.

As a former SAS solder, Fergus had lots of knowledge about survival. And he taught Danny everything he knew, apart from his old memories, which often pissed Danny off. He taught Danny about dismantling explosives “ERV”, and Danny started to learn lessons from him.


3.They were “friends”

At first, Danny and Fergus had bad relationships, but as they faced more and more danger together, they started to become friends. Fergus often told Danny about his past experience, and they worked like professional SAS teammates.

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Passionate Project

The plans for the project have been set up already, and the official project could start after the materials have arrived!

Building Procedure:

  1. Check all materials
  2. Start with body shell building
  3. Interior building
  4. 3D print modification material (wheels, assembly parts)
  5. Paint body shell
  6. Paint accessory parts (wheels, seats, interior, engine, head lights, etc.)
  7. Final assembly


Passionate Project Purchase Plan:

Resin Laferrari Kit – 650rmb

Metallic paint primer – 35rmb

Model polish paste – 100rmb

Paint – 93rmb(black, interior red, blue, grey)

Model Tooling – 70rmb

Polishing cloth – 10rmb

Glue – 25rmb

5000 wet dry sandpaper – 5.5rmb

gloss oil-70rmb

Spray Paint gun-178rmb

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Passionate Project-2018~

The plan for my passionate project this year is to build my very own model car. As a model car collector, I have lots of cars, but none of them were built by my self. But it’s about to change!

For the project, I chose my favorite car of all times, the Laferrari. I’m going to start with a kit, and add some modifications to it. the car is going to have more detail, and a new pair of wheels. The color is going to be “Monte Carllo Blue”

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City life? or Suburban life!

The Country of the Pointed Firs reminded me of my happy life visiting the country-side in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The book was about the narrator, visiting a small town in the east coast during a summer vacation, trying to relax from her busy city life. There, life was easy and relaxing, and she soon fell in love. The narrator lived in a small house with Mrs. Todd, where she worked with her on brewing remedies and curing other villagers. She even visited Mrs. Todd’s family and enjoy supper with them. The relaxing and enjoying mood of the novel reminded me of my own experience living in the rustic area. When I was young, my grandpa brought me to a small village next to a famous lake in Ningbo, Dongqian lake, it’s the place where he grew up. The town was far from flourishing cities, life there felt different. Instead of a rapid flowing life in the city, life was relaxing and placid, I soon forgot about all of my stress. I went out with my grandpa and went fishing. We rowed in a traditional Chinese canoe, and sat on the lake for the entire afternoon. Everything seemed to be peaceful and nice as the wind blew across my face and splashing sounds caused by fishes seething in the lake. During the afternoon, we’d set a fire and watch the flames dance around the fire. The glow of the red sun would reflect on the quite lake surface as it goes to bed. Even though there isn’t that much technology in the country-side, the quite, suburban life style was actually really enjoying. Just like the narrator in the novel, the countryside village life style at first felt attracting and different, it even made me feel a little bit odd. But after living for a while, we both started to like the peacefulness of it. Living in small villages can help people relax and calm their stressful lives. Modern advanced city life is great, but it’s a little bit too stressful due to all of the work and people. Sometimes it’s good to live in a traditional, older way. It’s like eating hamburgers and steak every day, and sometimes people eat salad to balance their diet.

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The story of my life

September 2nd, 1903, it’s the most important day of my life! My name is Lawrence Exeter. I can still remember myself panicking in the hallway of Hollywood Hospital. With a cry from the delivery room, I restrained the excitement in my head and sprinted towards the door. That was the day where I first met my son, Lawrence Exeter Junior.

But I was soon shocked by the deadly news: Lawrence Jr. had congenial heart disease! At that moment, my head started to get dizzy, and I fell to the floor. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” Jamie, my wife, didn’t know about it yet. “Nothing.” I tried to calm myself, even though I knew it was useless. I kept Lawrence’s disease as a secret, a secret that held for 28 years. I felt guilty for my son, I tried my best to provide him the best childhood a father could possibly provide for a son. I bought him everything he wanted, I bought him toys, I provided him with the best education opportunities, I even bought him a car when he first passed his driving test, even though he crashed it three days after the purchase.

Lawrence Jr. didn’t let me down on his academics, he had good grades in his school, and at the age of 17. He got accepted by Stanford University with a scholarship over 7000 dollars. Everybody in our family was proud, I could still remember the scene of our family party that night. People were congratulating him, Jamie cooked pumpkin chicken, a course usually cooked for great events. While everybody was celebrating and having fun, I had a dull pain deep inside my heart…

A few years after Junior went to university, life seemed to calm down for me. I’d usually go out and have a walk, and enjoy some personal time with my Misses. One day, Junior called back, “Father, I want to attend the school ball, I’ve promised everybody to go.” I allowed him to go, and that was the moment when I made the biggest mistake of my life. Junior fell in love with a girl named Marie. I knew about Junior’s disease, and I knew that he shouldn’t get married, because he can’t accompany the girl for the rest of her life. I should’ve stopped him and told others the truth, but I was afraid of it! My heart was stuck in flames while adhered to ice! Everything was a mess! I even started to wish I didn’t have a child named Lawrence Exeter, because he wouldn’t have to suffer the pain if he didn’t exist.

They soon got engaged and planned on their wedding, I knew I had no choice but to provide support to them. I gave Lawrence Jr. all of my savings, encouraged them to go on holidays, hoping that they could enjoy their last moments, hoping god would forgive me, but I knew all of this couldn’t suppress my guiltiness. With my support, thy soon got married. Time flew by, and suddenly, Lawrence Jr. got ill, in fact, he had to go to the intensive care unit of the hospital. I knew it was time for me to tell everybody the truth, Jamie and Marie were wailing, but unexpectedly, Junior was really calm when he heard the news. He gave all of his legacies to Marie, and they started to cherish their last moments.

July 15th, 1931, I was sleeping next to my son’s bed. He just had his operation taken. Suddenly, a huge thunder woke me up and I saw my son, lying peacefully, forever.


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A rewritten paragraph: The mission for a lunatic

I rewrote the paragraph in a third person omniscient instead of the first person view done in the original. I rewrote the paragraph completely, only adding some iconic phrases from the original paragraph so the rewrote one still gives feeling of the original piece of writing. For example: A watch’s minute hand moves more quickly than did mine. I changed some words so the phrase fits into the paragraph, but the overall didn’t change.

It was night time, Edgar opened the door to his room mate’s room for the eighth time. He was nervous, very nervous, he started sneaking into the room more cautiously than the past. The minute of a clock moved quicker than the one in his mind. But he could scarcely contain his excitement for successfully sneaking into the room. Suddenly, the old man woke up and arose, clearly, he has found out that somebody has sneaked into his room. Edgar was shocked, but he didn’t drew back, he waited and waited for the old man to go back to sleep and sneaked into the dark room. He repeated days after days, hearkening to the death watches in the wall.


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