Student Led Conference 2017-2018

Innovation and creativity:

I have displayed my innovation and creativity skills whenever I’m in my art and DT classes.

My evidence for this skills shown in my art projects and my design tec cars. In my art projects, I have shown this skills consistently. in my DT cars designs, I’ve made several cars and models

in one day, I’ve shown my Innovation and creativity skills.


I have displayed my problem-solving skills every day not just in school, but in my home as well.

My evidence for this skills shown in every single class and in my home. I have solved problems with my family and friends. from problems big and small.

global mindedness

I have displayed this skill on several occasions throughout the school year and in my home. I mainly display this skill in humanities or current events.

my evidence for this skills is the pictures following and all my humanities work. in my humanities work, I have shown great knowledge of the world and great interest.

In the current events, I showed tremendous responsibility and great knowledge.


Revolutionary Voices Journal

The revolutionary journal is based on our Russian revolution journal. We follow the same format as the Russian revolution journals. 3 journals following the start the climax and the end of the revolution. My journal focuses on a steelworker by the name of Ahmed Muhammed. He was a happy man until the rebels killed his family. Later on, he joined the Syrian army in hopes of killing the rebels leader. I put a lot of time and effort on this journal so I’ll hope you’ll like it.


Syrian Revolution In Plain English

Our project, meticulously planned and diligently thought through, was to make a common craft video about the Syrian revolution. Our goal was to explain what was going on in Syria for the past 7 years. The main challenge was the time. We had to go through 7 years of revolution with a 6-minute video. In this work, my team has shown my collaboration and communication skills. We had some challenge on the way but I feel we have successfully explained the revolution.


Into the Wild

The book I read is called Into the Wild, the story is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless. Christopher was a genius student who received a scholarship from Emory University. A shy kid who spent his time in the outdoors, Christopher always dreamed about traveling up to Alaska. In 1992, Christopher hitchhiked to Alaska while nothing but clothes, rice, and a small caliber firearm. After 5 grueling months, Christopher McCandless died due to starvation and possible poisoning. His body was not found until a month later. After reading the original articles, many people thought Christopher was just another stupid boy chasing for the answers of life. But the author wrote this book to explain that he was Christopher was not crazy or delusional, he was just a boy. After reading my book Into the Wild, I felt a deep connection with another book I read, Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. This book is based on the true story of Aron Ralston who cut off his right forearm after being stuck in a rock for 127 hours. This book also inspires the movie 127 Hours. Even though they are 2 separate books, the similarities are uncanny. Both stories tell the tale of a young man wandering off into the wilderness to find the answers they seek. For Christopher, it was to find peace and for Aron, it was to be free. Both stories tell a great survival story. “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” even though this was a quote from Christopher, both men display this philosophy in their separate journeys even though they lived 20 years apart. As Christopher once said, “Peace is only there if you try to find it.” And he probably found it, but it cost him his life.


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2nd goal 2017-2018

Academic goals

Improve my academic scores

Get at least 4 extending

Get better in writing

Word choice in writing

Be more of a risk taker

Wellness goals

Play falcons basketball

Don’t get hurt

Personal goals 

Complete GTA 5 all missions before GTA 6

Get better in basketball



Dangers of drugs to alter body shape




Chest pain

Rapid heartbeat

Breathing Problems


Drugs to alter body shape is a new way for people to abuse drugs. Teens to professional athletes take drugs to alter their performance and body shape. These drugs have devastating effects on the human body. People who take these drugs consistently has a shortened life expectancy then others.

Murder On The Orient Express Resolution

for my multimedia project, I’ve chosen to create a book cover based on a classic by Agatha ChristieMurder On The Orient Express I focused on the resolution of the story which the main character, the world-renowned detective, Mr. Piort have pieced every puzzle of the murder that took place on the Orient Express and is going to announce the killer. But knowing the real identity of the victim as a mastermind behind a brutal kidnapping and killing of a young child name Daisy and everyone on board are related to Daisy, he decided to spare the murderers. The detective realized this from a slip from Colonel Arbuthnot.  “Trial by twelve good men and true is a sound system.” There were twelve men on the train excluding the murdered victim, the detective, the doctor and the owner. Everyone else is related to the murdered victim. After 2 days of hard work and interrogation, he realized the relationships, the diplomats were Daisy’s Aunt and uncle. Mrs. Hubbard was the grandma, the colonel was a friend of the father, the princess was the godmother, the maid was the cook and so on so forth. At the end, the detective lied to the authorities and everyone ends up happy. I choose an old movie cover with the same name as my book cover because this was the best picture to show the relation of the characters. This picture also shows the complicated emotions of each character.

Here and here for more







My smart goals after seeing my video are to decrease my freestyle time by 3 seconds per 25 meters.


1, I want to decrease my time in freestyle by 3 seconds per 25 meters.


2, I would time every 25 meters I do. I would time one that is normal. Then use that as my bar and tried to eliminate 3 seconds per 25 meters


3, I do have control over my goal. I can change my stoke


4, this goal is not applicable to my life


5, I want to achieve my goal by 8 lessons.

how I’m going to achieve it:

I’m going to watch my video, I’m going to watch the original video Ms.Harmada showed us in the beginning and tried to imitate it. the angle of the arm, the smoothness of the enter and more.

Murder On The Orient Express Resolution

Boxer Rebellion