Nobody Wins in War



An Unholy Night

The battlefield of war

Is ever in motion.

A once peaceful, thriving land unsuspectingly and unwillingly

Falls prey to conflict.

Countless innocent souls have been threatened

By illness and torment, their life

Hanging by a single thread above the boundless abyss of death.


Take cover, men! —My comrades, we can fight

But all efforts will be in vain.

We will not lose to power,

But merely to our fruitless attempts of protecting our nation.

Fighting conflict with conflict is futile.

We may be called cowards, but

Our enemy is not their army.

Our enemy is war.

To die is simply a minor attempt at quenching

The insatiable hunger of the tempest of death, plague, anguish.

You and I; we will not be its next victim.


An unholy night —unstirred, yet unnatural

Residue of the wreckage,

Remains of the revolted and

Remnants of the regime.

What a ghastly sight —once hopeful soldiers;

Once valiant fighters, lost to sickness and pain,

Seized by the hands of death.

They don’t matter anymore;

Their past, forgotten as they become



Yet has there no end

To my suffering?

To your suffering?

To our people’s suffering?


Where is the end to

Leading people to their inevitable demise like

Lambs to the slaughter?

Is there no end to

Meaningless destruction just in sake of

“Winning” the battle?

They may have won this fight, but


Nobody wins in war…

I believe my presentation was the better part to reflect on of the two. The poem was spoken with emotion, changes in dynamics, and changes in speed. In my opinion, my poem could have been presented better with more actions and body movement.



Image Citation: Edited with Preview by Apple.

Boxer Rebellion: War of the United Nations

My initial thoughts on the Boxer Rebellion are that the Boxers did not deserve their bad reputation. Based on the information I already know, I believe that the Boxers were justified for their actions. They were given such a bad name because they did not win the battle.


I am curious about what happened to the 8 allied countries after they defeated the Boxers. Did they continue to dislike China? Did they turn on each other?