Science Design and Engineering Project – #1 Define and Inquire & #2 Develop and Plan

What is this engineering task?
Design and build a device/machine that shows the transfer of energy.

Here are some interesting ideas that I may be thinking of:
Solar Powered Car
Pros: fun, works well, simple
Cons: very common, hard to modify

Solar Powered Charging Bank (No.3)
Pros: very useful, simple, effective
Cons: possibly dangerous, could be more aesthetically pleasing

Solar Powered Fan (No.4)
Pros: simple, easy to make
Cons: hard to modify, situational, unoriginal

Solar Powered Air Heater
Pros: useful in the winter
Cons: requires many materials, may take a long time to make

Electricity Generator (Alternative Video)
Pros: simple mechanism, generates electricity
Cons: possibly not durable, quite complicated


Design Sketch

Plan –

Wednesday: Begin creating the prototype (cut wood, gather materials, etc.)

Friday: Continue and hopefully finish the prototype for testing

Tuesday: Begin final project

Thursday:  Finish and test project