GoAL 2017-18

Academic Goal:

I will practice both my instruments more, at least 30 minutes a day for piano and 20 minutes every two days for clarinet.

  • This was mostly accomplished, I practice piano more because I enjoy it more and most of the time I play piano every day now. I could still practice clarinet more.

Wellness Goal:

I will play more sports, badminton most of all. I will also attempt to join the badminton team for the third year.

  • I was able to qualify for the badminton team; I played in the competition last autumn. Badminton in school is over now, but I still play badminton outside of school hours.

Mid-Year Goals Reflection

I was able to achieve most of the portions of my goals. Sometimes I forgot, but I still was able to achieve part of the Academic Goal and all of the Wellness Goal.