The Capstone Project is a trimester-long project where students choose an issue that affects China and/or the world. My choice was renewable energy, from which I learned that the problem of fossil fuels is not an easy problem to solve and why clean energy is hard to come by. This problem is one that not many know of and my opinions have certainly changed from reading various articles explaining the true danger of switching to renewable power. Many people, including me in the past, believe(d) that reducing air pollution and fossil fuel usage was as simple as using solar or wind power. However, I have found that this is not the case.

One thing I would recommend to next year’s G8 students is to find research that will actually be relevant to the topic. When writing the essay, try not to do any additional research, because it makes citing sources a lot harder. Be creative when making the video; it will make for a much more enjoyable project.

Who Will Solve the Problem of Depleting Natural Resources?

I would like to focus on the problems relating to renewable energy. I do not have any social perceptions or beliefs with this topic but (the lack of) renewable energy is a global problem that has to be addressed. The use of non-renewable energy and its problems may vary, becoming increasingly worse the more natural resources a country uses, but these problems have a good chance of affecting its surrounding nations and permanently damage the world.

What are some problems affecting the efficiency and quality of renewable energy such as solar and wind power?

What might be some factors that compel company owners to expend non-renewable and environmentally damaging resources (e.g. coal, oil, natural gas) for production?

Are some producers more harmful to the society than they are beneficial? If so, in what way?

My one fear is that although I intend to spread awareness about this topic, it may be too late by the time the people of Earth realize that they are running out of natural resources and start doing something about it. Professor Stephen Hawking has predicted that humans only have 100 years to colonize other planets before we will be wiped out by global warming, overpopulation, and disease. The use of fossil fuels, which are non-renewable resources, is destroying the planet.

The over-consumption of non-renewable resources is a problem that has been here since the beginning of industrialization. However, countries continue to burn a massive amount of coal and use a large volume of oil for their transportation and goods. At this pace, the world will either deplete itself completely of fossil fuels, or we will all die from the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, which also destroys our atmosphere and warms our planet. The overuse of Earth’s assets and the underdevelopment of renewable resources will soon be very hard to solve as our planet’s population continues to ignore the current situation and refuse to do anything.

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