Polymer Journal 3 – How Will We Make It?

What will the polymer be like?

Physical properties of our polymer include:

  • Elasticity

The polymer should not break very easily when stretched very wide or pressed down with a moderate amount of force. Otherwise, it would not be useful to hold anything together.

  • Not sticky and not wet

No one likes an incredibly sticky or wet slime. It gets everywhere – on clothing, on desks, on the skin – and is hard to get off. A sticky polymer would not be useful for our design either.

  • Bouncy

A bouncy polymer will feel less slimy and will stick to fewer surfaces. It will also be less likely to break when dropped. All of these characteristics are ideal for a moldable rope-like design that we are going for.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Who doesn’t like something that looks good?


How are we going to build our prototypes?

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How will the polymer be tested?

After the creating stage is completed, the polymer will be stuck to surfaces, wrapped around small objects, pushed on, poked, molded, and stretched into a long, thin strand. It will also be left out overnight to dry. These tests are to ensure that the polymer fulfills (or does not fulfill) the desired physical properties. A good prototype should be maintaining these properties.

Bilbo Baggins: Not the Hero We Deserved but the Hero We Needed?

This short video explains the internal conflict of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the early parts of the book, Bilbo is shown to dislike taking risks and prefers living an everyday life over adventuring. This is most likely from his father, who is a descendant of the “Baggins” family, who are characterized by their laziness and preference of comfort and caution over action and adventure. However, his mother is a descendant of the “Took” family, who, contrary to the Baggins, are characterized by their love of mischief and adventurous nature. When Gandalf and the 13 dwarves present Bilbo with an opportunity for adventure, he must decide whether to refuse or embrace his Took side and go along with the dwarves. This is the primary internal conflict, which, although short, is a key turning point of the story. Bilbo’s entire life is changed when he embarks on this adventure; over the course of the book, he becomes stronger, more confident, and shows more of the characteristics of a hero. He became the leader that the dwarves needed and deserved.


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Song: Wolfborn – BrunuhVille

Video created and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Scarred but Uninjured: A Visual Representation of Jim Graham’s Childhood

“Given that external reality is a fiction, the writer’s role is almost superfluous. He does not need to invent the fiction because it is already there.”

-James Graham Ballard

J. G. Ballard‘s Empire of the Sun (1984) contains many themes that are based on his actual experiences growing up in Shanghai as a British foreigner, of which I focused on the themes of growing up and “war changes people.” Beforehand, I created posters that may have resembled propaganda from the time period, one for Communists and one for the First Worker’s and Peasant’s Army. My intentions were to create a sense of patriotism, which Jim feels not for the British, but towards the Japanese that showed kindness and compassion to and felt safe with. This may have had an effect on his childhood. The last three posters are a more direct approach, showing the changing of Jim Graham during his time spent as a captive of the Japanese, as he turns from an innocent, unsuspecting boy to a seasoned and independent man.


Pictures produced using Apple Preview and Pixlr (pixlr.com/editor).

The Chinese text literally translates to “the people help me, I help the people.”


The Chinese idiom literally translates to “hidden dragon, crouching tiger,” meaning “concealed power.”

This is Jim in the early parts of the book.

War can change people. This is Jim during, or after, the war.

Although unpredictable events such as war can change us, we must embrace these changes as we endure the process of growing up.

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