The Capstone Project is a trimester-long project where students choose an issue that affects China and/or the world. My choice was renewable energy, from which I learned that the problem of fossil fuels is not an easy problem to solve and why clean energy is hard to come by. This problem is one that not many know of and my opinions have certainly changed from reading various articles explaining the true danger of switching to renewable power. Many people, including me in the past, believe(d) that reducing air pollution and fossil fuel usage was as simple as using solar or wind power. However, I have found that this is not the case.

One thing I would recommend to next year’s G8 students is to find research that will actually be relevant to the topic. When writing the essay, try not to do any additional research, because it makes citing sources a lot harder. Be creative when making the video; it will make for a much more enjoyable project.

Bilbo Baggins: Not the Hero We Deserved but the Hero We Needed?

This short video explains the internal conflict of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the early parts of the book, Bilbo is shown to dislike taking risks and prefers living an everyday life over adventuring. This is most likely from his father, who is a descendant of the “Baggins” family, who are characterized by their laziness and preference of comfort and caution over action and adventure. However, his mother is a descendant of the “Took” family, who, contrary to the Baggins, are characterized by their love of mischief and adventurous nature. When Gandalf and the 13 dwarves present Bilbo with an opportunity for adventure, he must decide whether to refuse or embrace his Took side and go along with the dwarves. This is the primary internal conflict, which, although short, is a key turning point of the story. Bilbo’s entire life is changed when he embarks on this adventure; over the course of the book, he becomes stronger, more confident, and shows more of the characteristics of a hero. He became the leader that the dwarves needed and deserved.


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Song: Wolfborn – BrunuhVille

Video created and edited in Final Cut Pro X.