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-What have you contributed, as a result of this project, to the community which we live?

-What values, opinions, beliefs have changed?

-What would you do differently if you can do it again?

-What might you want to tell kids next year?

In this unit, I learned about the topic I learned about my social issue-trade imbalance- through a variety of ways of in-depth research, focusing on its causes and effect on the country and its people. It really requires speaking skills when surveying others,  especially those people who you have never met before, you have to state your question clearly before they loose interest. Before starting the capstone project, I have absolutely no idea what trade imbalance is, and assumed that this simply happened because of the Chinese people’s of

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Ping-Pong Catapults

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In this project, we were sorted into groups of 2 as our catapult team. My teammate was Bill, and we did planning on which design we would choose to meet the criteria “consistently firing ping-pong balls”, as it listed on the ppt. We first looked for ideas on the internet, then created it on our session in design lab. The mechanics was easy so we made it pretty fast with many materials that are easy to find. Our catapult was able to fire a decent distance approximately 2~3 meters. After the shooting, we recorded a video and used logger pro as our tool to record dimensions of the two graphs “height vs time” and “height vs distance”.

One of the takeaways is that many things in reality can be expressed mathematically. This catapult that we made is able to fire a pingpong ball which creates a parabola every time which will offer the equation /concavity/answer after some calculation. One challenging aspect was that our catapult had a varied yaw and pitch, which we tried to solve by adding extra hanging clips on the catapult to block it from leading to any side. A thing that i would do differently is to stabilize the base of the catapult, so it will still be able to fire after extreme conditions such as being kicked. This project helped me understand more about the usage of quadratic functions and allowed me to practice skills of transforming different quadratic forms.


Caps For the STONE- Capstone Project Intro

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Is the society ready for rapid economic development?

After the reform and open policy of Deng Xiaoping, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has hugely benefited from modern technology advancement, with skyscrapers erected one by one like bamboo shoots, with railways and overpasses laid down like dragons crawling over the land. It is agreed by the general global community that the PRC has emerged successful in terms of national GDP.


However, “every action has an equal opposite reaction”, Newton’s Third Law not only works in physics. A society’s over speeding on economic development will cause the social system and policy lagging behind the economics.

In this seemingly developed world, governmental institutions are still chasing up. For example, the education style for elementary school and middle school still remains the same as 50 years ago in local schools. And the Gao-Kao, a one shot version of the SAT in China, has never been modified from its original version created in the 80s. A lagging governmental system will shape the government as a low productivity, corrupted, and unstable organizing system.

Besides from social system, values have also been misled, due to an inefficient system. Public discontent to the Japanese; discrimination on minority ethnic groups; a general pessimistic value due to rocketing house prices; and the uncontrolled nationalism behind the scenes. Originally used by Mao Zedong to gain influence, the publicity department has done quite a good job throughout the way, but with a chaotic governmental system, things change.

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Dance of 1783-The Independence

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It was a frigid day, and the wind blew directly from the North. The man with his medals awaited in front of the white coasts of Dover and greeted the writer, “Call me Charlie, please, I want to live a peaceful life.”

The man concluded with how the war effected the world, as he sarcastically referred to the declaration of independence that “all men are ended equal. You see kid,” he said, “when the Americans seized their power, a new age has dawned- an age with no more permanent leader, a king appointed by the people but not their parents, a leader following requests of the people but not their minds. The old customs, will be strike downed one by one.” “Sir, the cops would be after you if you said this….” “That’s why call me Charlie.” The old man smiled.


https://ok.ru/skertsosch/topic/66150415439106 Скерцо – (Scherzo)

 https://www.revolutionary-war.net/treaty-of-paris.html B. West



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As an assassination of Donald Trump occurred, awareness of the murders of presidents or important figures in office has been raised . Many murders of US presidents still remain a debated topic right now. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and our topic today-JFK. The assassination of JFK attracts lot of debating, some say it was plotted by the KKK, some say it was ordered by the free masons, and it still attracts a lot of attention, and so does this book called John.F.Kennedy by Howard S.Kaplan. JFK was a described as a famous president that greatly contributed into the development of the space program and the economy in this book.

In this book, the author uses a third person view and explores on  of the president on different people around JFK , generally a positive emotion to express the central idea that JFK is a president that actually contributed to the development of the United States. People like him, not because he “just has a beautiful wife” (Kaplan p85) as he claims, but also because of his huge efforts in the civil rights movement and space program. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was known to assist famous civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr and to secretly send national guards patrol to protect African Americans from mobs as he made his speech in June 11th,”whether we are going to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated” (p89) and used this ‘new frontier’ to promote the economy of the US, which has slowed to develop due to the cold war. Helping civil rights leaders during their hard times was not only just for the votes, but also for progress of development of the state’s economy and rights. Besides for internal issues, he also strived for international problems of the United States. After WW2, the iron curtain has caused tensions between the developed nations on militarization, political influence, and scientific progress. One of them, is the space race. JFK tries to solve the problems by peace and force throughout politics in south and scientific development so the US will launch the first man to the moon and to win the space race. And Apollo 11 delivered not only the first astronauts to land on the moon, but also the goals and hopes of the United States of America.

Overall, This book notes that JFK was an president that did not only care of being famous, but actually trying to make the nation better, and to even sacrifice their lives for them.


By Michael Havis / 

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Empire of The Rising Sun

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For this month’s multimedia post, I chose to use a movie trailer because it can show the setting in a very direct way. Instead of the original trailer which had a sad background music that is representing the theme, I chose to use an imperial-nationalist music that signifies the setting of east asia of that time of Japan and its aggression.



https://www.youtube.c om/watch? v=OT9HsNszYCI

https://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=047d2ixpW5

khttps://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=It6M_v7R_Fk

https://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=19UROAIbtlw



Upcoming event- Depression #2

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      The New Style Depression   Alex Wan

Once the US got addicted to profit,

the economy seemed to go well.

But then debt continuously marches,

And the bank’s money had fell.

So when black Thursday was embarking,

We ran out of our minds.

And saw the desperateness in the bank clerk’s eyes.


And today this whole thing happened again

However, now it’s on me instead.

With many of my friends borrowing money that will never be handed back

As the same as them, I borrowed the cash

Ignoring the fact that the bank’s going to crash

Then when the bank fell,

The stock market was next

Drowning many with the stocks they bought themselves

And in the city we foraged for jobs like dogs

With the aroma of cash luring us

To a job- that will never be payed.

And then, with the money in my account slowly flowing away

With my comfortable life fading to gray

I have to sold out my house,

And walk to my work,

Living a miserable life,

Eating burgers, muttering, like a jerk.

I am proud of that I made a lot of progress of my creativity and my rhymes. During the process of making my poem, it made me think a lot about what it would be like during a future economic crisis to make my character realistic. I tried to create a character that has a fine life at the start, and dropping all the way down to “a miserable life” to warn people. Below is a link to the video of me presenting this poem.

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Think Outside Of The Box-The Boxer Rebellion

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My initial thoughts on the boxer rebellion was that the boxers were troublemakers that were primarily responsible for the war. The cultural differences caused many unnecessary casualties, including the boxer- friendly army, the kansu muslim forces killing both the ambassador of Japan (Akira Sugiyama) and the ambassador of Germany (Baran Von Ketteler), causing western countries and japan to send forces into China.

Akira Sugiyama                                                                                                     Baron Von Ketteler


















I’m most curious about the motive of  Kansu muslim forces providing support to the boxers. Notice that the boxers themselves cannot have planned the two murderers by themselves. So who gave the Kansu army (甘军) the courage to do so? He himself was loyal to the empress, could it have been CiXi that was promoting the two for doing such thing? Notice that Cixi didn’t accuse Dong after Akira Sugiyama was murdered, in fact, based on evidence she actually rewarded Dong after the murder. However, Kettler’s assassination has nothing to do with this. At that time, Cixi ordered the chinese ambassadors to continue negotiating, showing that CiXi did not want war. So who was actually responsible for killing von Ketteler?

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Napoleon’s Treasure- Sharpe’s Revenge

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The movie poster above shows the internal conflict of Richard Sharpe from Sharpe’s Revenge by Bernard Cornwell. I chose to make a movie poster with the painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres of Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne. During the novel, Sharpe had 2 choices: to either continue his career as a commander or to return to England and use the money they had pillaged to buy a house. However, in this story, Sharpe, firmly believed that to wait behind the front line is the behavior of a woman, simply did not consider the second choice at all during the first of the story. However, after seeing one and one of his comrades fall on the battlefield, he had thought of the choice he once sneered at. Soon, after the war, he was accused for stealing the treasure of Napoleon Bonaparte, and at the same time, his wife Jane had fell in love with another men and took all of his money. Sharpe was left lonely, broke, and instead of being the honorable sergeant, he is now the crooked thief of the mysterious treasure. No matter what happens next, he would probably live better if he chose the so called “coward’s life”, after all, scared of admitting he or she’s own cowardness is a kind of cowardness.

Young, Rebecca. “Napoleon I on His Imperial Throne.” Napoleon.org, Jan. 2017, www.napoleon.org/en/history-of-the-two-empires/paintings/napoleon-i-on-his-imperial-throne/.
“52079: Victorian Officers’ South Salopian Yeomanry Helm.” Edited by Heritage Auctions, LiveAuctioneers, Heritage Auctions, Aug. 2013, www.liveauctioneers.com/item/22346454_52079-victorian-officers-south-salopian-yeomanry-helm.
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Da Theseus Statement

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The magazine cover aboves shows the characterization of Theseus from Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I chose to make a magazine with Theseus on the front of the weekly news- magazine Time because I think that he is the leader of this story and based on previous stories, the symbol and representative of the people of Athens and the people’s view of things.

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