Catapult Challenge

This project is called Catapult Challenge. We designed and made our own catapult for this project. Our purpose of the project was learning about the quadratic functions. We record our catapult data, made it into the height versus time and height versus distance graphs, and analyze them in mathematically and in context of the problem.            The most… Read more →

Elevator Pitch

This is my Elevator Pitch for Humanities Capstone Project. I tried to introduce my topic, which was Gender Equality and Violence Against Women, in short and concise words. reflection I prepared a lot to make my Elevator Pitch perfect. I tried to remember the speech, so I memorized it and put only a few important words on the notecard. I tried… Read more →

Polymer Journal #4

journal #4 We had 4 prototypes for our polymer project. Prototype #1: 1cm of White Glue/ 25ml of Laundry Detergent/ 10ml of Borax C: It doesn’t fit our criteria for the slime phone case. E: It doesn’t stick to our hands but also doesn’t stick to each other, so it made different lumps. It was really bouncy. R: It doesn’t stick… Read more →

Polymer Journal #3

Journal 3 We are making a phone case with slime. We included physical properties of Gloop and Bogger which are how much that the slime can bounce and stretch. During our experiment about the first prototype, we decided to make a polymer with White Glue, Laundry Detergent, and Borax. Firstly, we mixed 1cm of White Glue, 25ml of Laundry Detergent,… Read more →

Polymer Journal #2

Journal #2 Our goal of our polymer project is to prevent objects from breaking. We decided to make a phone case which can prevent breaking when people drop it. Our target market audience was generally all the people who use phones, but we narrowed the range into teenagers because they often drop their phones and also want some fashionable designed… Read more →

Polymer Journal #1

Journal #1 Polymer is a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together. There are two types of polymers, which are synthetic and natural. Synthetic materials are the materials that are produced by combining different artificial substances. For example, plastic, nylon, and silicon. Synthetic polymers come from the natural… Read more →

Revolutionary Voices Journal: March 13th, 2018

This is a historical fiction journal of the French Revolution. The main character, Léopold Du Toit, was painter during the French Revolution. He started to support the revolution just because he got discrimination between nobles with this estate, but as time pass he realized about other third estates’ situation about taxes and their working conditions. He supported the revolution thoroughly, but… Read more →

French Revolution in Plain English

 Have you ever heard the quote “Let them eat cake!”? It was the quote from Marie Antoinette, the famous queen of France during the French Revolution. Jasmine and I studied the French Revolution and made the Common Craft Video about it. With wonderful communication and fantastic collaboration, we made the short stop-motion video with beautiful hand-drawn cutouts. Besides, I… Read more →

NonFiction – Hidden Like Anne Frank by Marcel Prins & Peter Ehnk Steenhuis

Hidden Like Anne Frank by Marcel Prins, Peter Henk Steenhuis Hidden Like Anne Frank is short 14 stories of children’s survival during the Nazis’ time in Germany. As the book title says, the 14 children who wrote the stories were Jewish who are discriminated and persecuted by Nazis. During the World War II, Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi… Read more →