Mini-Devising & Collaborative Project

1. 3 sentence description of class today

Today’s class we worked with our ensemble group creating different movements, such as coming up with a dance and a mini script.  Our class today was also very enjoyable because we were able to connect with our group members and come up with a short story plot.

2. Bullet point the steps your group task

  • First, we added our dance movements together to create a final dance
  • Then, we told our nursery rhyme in a story
  • After that, we added the components of slow motion, repetition, etc. in
  • We then finalized our short project with our handshake

3. Your success & Failure

Some things I did well were putting the dance together, but we had a little trouble adding in the nursery to our story. Though after a while we figured everything out and created a small show. Another fail would be coming up with a story for our rhyme, even-though we thought we were fine.



Process Journal

The most suitable imagination time for me is when I’m lying in the dark. Another time for me to use my imagination is when I wake up with a fresh brain. When my imagination is not at 100% it’s usually when my brain is dead from previous events, or when I’m too tired to think.


An example of me not being able to imagine would be when I’m not a hundred percent focused on my imagination. Other challenges might be when the outside world is disrupting my inner peace making it hard to concentrate on my imagination.


Imagination helps an actor by bringing new ideas to the stage and being able to create things when you’re put on the spot.

9 Effective ensemble member qualities


  1. Risk taker
  2. Positive and Energetic
  3. Aware and in Control
  6. Cooperative and Collaborative
  8. Leaders (AND Followers)
  9. Positively Critical and able to act on that criticism


I think as an ensemble member two of the qualities I should have is being a risk taker and being Cooperative and Collaborative with others, because as a collaborative team we have to be able to work with each other’s insecurities and helping others with their insecurities you’re also being a risk taker. Another crucial quality would be being a risk taker because when you’re on stage you have to be your character and not yourself.


Stop it, Jennie!  Stop being so damn understanding, will you?  It bores the crap out of me.  I resent you for everything!  Because I don’t feel like making you happy tonight!  I don’t feel like having a wonderful time.  I don’t think I wanted a “terrifically wonderful” honeymoon! I resent everything you want out of marriage that I’ve already had.  And for making me reach so deep inside to give it to you again.  I resent being at L or M and having to go back to A!  And most of all, I resent not being able to say in front of you…that I miss Barbara so much.


Acting Day 1

Today was the first class of our ensemble group meeting. During this class, we did activities to get to know our group members and get used to the environment.  In this short period, I really enjoyed learning all the games and warmup activities Mr. Redman prepared for our class. Some things I’m looking forward are the monologues we’re going to prepare for in the next week.

One Day Project

One day was a superb experience for me. During the experience I learned perseverance. But if you want to accomplish something really badly it’s always possible. The one day project was a big success for me. 

What are Fossil Fuels?

Fossil Fuels, energy-rich substances that have formed from long-buried plants and microorganisms. Fossil fuels, which include petroleum, coal, and natural gas, provide most of the energy that powers modern industrial society. The gasoline that fuels our cars, the coal that powers many electrical plants, and the natural gas that heats our homes are all fossil fuels.

Chemically, fossil fuels consist largely of hydrocarbons, which are compounds composed of hydrogen and carbon. Some fossil fuels also contain smaller amounts of other compounds. Hydrocarbons form from ancient living organisms that were buried under layers of sediment millions of years ago. As accumulating sediment layers exerted increasing heat and pressure, the remains of the organisms gradually transformed into hydrocarbons. The most commonly used fossil fuels are petroleum, coal, and natural gas. These substances are extracted from the earth’s crust and, if necessary, refined into suitable fuel products, such as gasoline, heating oil, and kerosene. Some of these hydrocarbons may also be processed into plastics, chemicals, lubricants, and other nonfuel products. Geologists have identified other types of hydrocarbon-rich deposits that can serve as fuels. Such deposits, which include oil shale, tar sands, and gas hydrates, are not widely used because they are too costly to extract and refine. See also Energy Supply, World.

The majority of fossil fuels are used in the transportation, manufacturing, residential heating, and electric-power generation industries. Crude petroleum is refined into gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel, which power the world’s transportation system. Coal is the fuel most commonly burned to generate electric power, and natural gas is used primarily in commercial and residential buildings for heating water and air, for air conditioning, and as fuel for stoves and other heating appliances.

Summary of Mieko and The Fifth Treasure By Eleanor Coerr

Mieko is a little girl who lived when the atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki in Japan.That day when the atomic bomb dropped mieko got a peace of glass in her hand.She always think that she will never paint again.there also are a lot of people killed and also got badly damaged so Mieko was sent to her grandparent she didn’t want to leave Nagasaki she wanted to stay because she will need to go to a new school and she did not want to have a new friend also she did not want to paint again she was also scared that people will laugh at her hand.

What I Learned

-black cotton work pants and shirt

-cover head with a straw hat

-kimonos are some dresses they were

-so many young mens went to war and never came back

-have springy tatami