Blogpost #4: reflect and share

This technology worked because it is able to work without any problems. The solar panel is also properly functioning with the right amount of sunlight. Overall, the process of my thermal fan wasn’t that difficult. Though one area I did need help with was when my motor wasn’t cooperating. An area that could’ve been improved on was, I could’ve brought it to the next step instead of sticking to such a simplistic idea. My approach toward a potential client for this project was for someone who is in a very heated area. They would be able to pop out this project and use it to constantly refresh themselves from the heat.

Define and Inquire

What is this engineering project?

This engineering task is a project that will show energy transfer in the model I’ll be making.

What are you thinking about doing?

I am thinking of making a solar-powered electric fan.

Link to videos:

What are the pros/cons of this idea?

Some pros may be that it would be really straightforward of what energy it will be showing. The cons may be that I might have problems with making it aesthetically pleasing.


Almost, Maine- Exploring the text

Title: The title represents the place of where each scene happens and how they are all happening at the same time.

Meaning/topic/theme: I feel like the theme of this play is all the peculiar thing that can happen at the exact place and time. Which also then brings up the theme of love. Though these actions of love are weird the overall theme still always comes back to love. This is because of how the author portrays the play to be.

Guest Artist – PJ Rebullida

PJ is a guest artist who was currently working with our students.  Throughout the three days working with him, we worked on activities that helped us with the characters such as anger, beautifying, grotesque, minimize, maximize, mirror, and normal. While establishing these factors I’ve noticed that my classmates and I have been embedding and acting a lot more thoroughly throughout our performances in class.  From this short period of time, some takeaways would be, being able to express the character given to me with different expressions.

Mini-Devising & Collaborative Project

1. 3 sentence description of class today

Today’s class we worked with our ensemble group creating different movements, such as coming up with a dance and a mini script.  Our class today was also very enjoyable because we were able to connect with our group members and come up with a short story plot.

2. Bullet point the steps your group task

  • First, we added our dance movements together to create a final dance
  • Then, we told our nursery rhyme in a story
  • After that, we added the components of slow motion, repetition, etc. in
  • We then finalized our short project with our handshake

3. Your success & Failure

Some things I did well were putting the dance together, but we had a little trouble adding in the nursery to our story. Though after a while we figured everything out and created a small show. Another fail would be coming up with a story for our rhyme, even-though we thought we were fine.



Process Journal

The most suitable imagination time for me is when I’m lying in the dark. Another time for me to use my imagination is when I wake up with a fresh brain. When my imagination is not at 100% it’s usually when my brain is dead from previous events, or when I’m too tired to think.


An example of me not being able to imagine would be when I’m not a hundred percent focused on my imagination. Other challenges might be when the outside world is disrupting my inner peace making it hard to concentrate on my imagination.


Imagination helps an actor by bringing new ideas to the stage and being able to create things when you’re put on the spot.

9 Effective ensemble member qualities


  1. Risk taker
  2. Positive and Energetic
  3. Aware and in Control
  6. Cooperative and Collaborative
  8. Leaders (AND Followers)
  9. Positively Critical and able to act on that criticism


I think as an ensemble member two of the qualities I should have is being a risk taker and being Cooperative and Collaborative with others, because as a collaborative team we have to be able to work with each other’s insecurities and helping others with their insecurities you’re also being a risk taker. Another crucial quality would be being a risk taker because when you’re on stage you have to be your character and not yourself.

Stanislavsky- 7 questions

Who am I?

I believe that my character had an affair with another woman called Jenny, which was brought up in the monologue. In this monologue, my character shows a phase of anger and then shows a moment of sadness.

Where am I?

My character is on this honeymoon wife his “new wife” he had an affair with but doesn’t seem happy about it.

What time is it?

The time this occurred was probably summer in the afternoon because my character probably got angry at the dinner table on their honeymoon which was possibly summer.

What do I want?

In this monologue, I’m trying to achieve the anger shown in my character but also embedding small emotions like sadness and regret

Why do I want it?

I wanted to do this monologue because it has different phases of emotions. So, I would be able to act and show them all at once.

How will I get what I want?

To achieve this I would have to take my monologue and mark up all the places where the different emotions are supposed to be shown.

What must I overcome to get what I want?

Though this process, a lot of difficulties I have to overcome are, being able to express myself and not being nervous or scared to perform on stage.