Polymer Journal #2

Our goal is to make a polymer that can be used as a grip. The first thing we thought of are grips on glassware and utensils for children or those who have difficulties holding slippery glassware. We were hoping to create something moldable; so it can be easily customized while allowing them to have a strong grip on their utensils. However, we also want the polymer to remain soft overtime which is a challenging part. My partner and I, we hope to create something similar to moldable silicone. Silicon has a soft rubbery feel to it. Silicon is often used to add grips because it’s slip-proof – wet or dry – yet it’s not sticky. With a 5-year-old sister that has at least broken 5 glass cups and still struggles to hold her utensils, I hope our creation can help children to hold utensils while no glassware gets hurt…

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Polymer Journal #1

What is a Polymer?

Polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded.

Polymer is a long molecule consisting of many identical or similar building blocks linked by covalent blocks (large molecules, macromolecules)

What is polymerization?

It’s the process of connecting the monomers together

What are synthetic materials?

Synthetic materials are human-made polymers.

Examples: Plastics, rubber, silicone, fibers, gels etc.

What are natural materials?

Natural materials are polymers found in nature and polymers that occur naturally.

Examples: silk, collagen, keratin, cellulosestarchglycogen, DNA and RNA, nails, wool etc.




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Revolutionary Voices Journal

Over the course to this unit, we did several projects to showcase our learning and understanding for the revolutions. For our final project, we wrote a historical journal piece that brings the reader back to 1967 in China and learn the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution through the eyes of a teen during that time. This was a fun experience to design our own character and find deeper stories during that period of time. I also included  real pictures to help readers understand and picture the scene about 50 years ago.

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Yell-Oh Girls – Edited by Vickie Nam

Over 17 million people in US mainland defines as Asian American. Though that may not seem like a large number compared America’s population as a whole, it’s important to understand and have respect for what they’re going through.


Yell-Oh Girls is a collection of revelatory poems and letters and writing from second-generation Asian Americans that perfectly showcases the struggles of being Asian American. As a reader, I believe the theme of this inspiring book is identity. As the different cultural behaviors clash together, we read about how different girls tackle different issues like dual identity, body image, interracial friends and “white boys”.


There was one story that spoke out to me. “My Mother’s Food” by Nora Okja Keller. Keller tells the audience what it was growing up as half Korean and half German. As a little girl, she was told to be ashamed of eating kimchi, the food that raised her mother. When her classmates told her she smelled like kimchi, she realized that she was different from everyone else, despite the German father, and desperately searched for a place that fit her in the small community. Though it took her a long time to find a place in this cruel and barbaric world, in the end, she shares the happiness and joy of being a mother and watching her daughters eat the food that she learned to be ashamed of.


Not only is this book for Asian American girls out there like me, but it’s also a book for everyone. It’s important to know and respect different cultures and different features of a woman. In the short story “Finding my Eye-dentity”, Olivia Chung talks about her experience with a mono-eyelid and her frustration when her classmates said she had “chinky” eyes. This piece challenged the definition of beauty. “Does getting a double eyelid surgery make you beautiful?” I connected deeply with this piece of writing. I, being the only mono-eyelid in the whole family get a lot of questions like “Who did you inherit your eyes from?” or “Do you want to get a double eyelid surgery?” Though these questions mostly come from my own family as a joke, I often take it very seriously. I’m often called out for my small eyes and my mono-eyelid. Though I’ve learned to shrug it off, I find myself asking why double-eyelids are considered a beauty standard, and why so many people think I should get a double-eyelid surgery. I love my eyes, crease or no crease.


Overall, this book brings out the voices of Asian American girls as well as respect. Not only does the collection increases the perspectives on the different issues listed above, but it also includes a powerful and personal voice for us to respect. I think there are a lot more voices in this world that need to be heard. Not girls in particular, but the stories and the struggles behind everyone. It’s hard to disagree that the theme of Yell-Oh Girls is identity, however, I believe that there are much more than identity embedded in this book.


Nam, Victoria. Yell-Oh girls! emerging voices explore culture, identity, and growing up Asian American. Quill, 2001.

Click here for more information. Here’s an article on Asian Americans representing America in the olympics.

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One Day

Our goal for One day was to find stories hidden in plain sight, inspired by Out of The Block podcast by Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick. We visited and interviewed the senior citizens across the street for their stories and their experience in China.

What I learned from this experience was that everyone have a story. I learned how to be a better interviewer and how to use the Lumix better. I have the opportunity to use the new camera and it was a really fun.

If we had more time, I would focus on better audio quality and although we had a great setting, it would’ve been a better if we blurred the background. There was a lot of  background noise (wind, chatting etc.) that can potentially effect the quality of the interview. Overall however, the experience was great and I had fun learning new techniques in film making.

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Substance abuse

When people feel insecure about their body image, often, they think their only solution is to use drugs that can alter the physical body. However, the side effect of those drugs can severely impact ones life. Some side effects are stroke, heart attacks, chest pain, depression and even sudden deaths. Some alternative, healthy ways to loose weight is to have a healthy balance in nutrition and choose foods that are low in carbohydrates. Also, exercising will also help shaping your body.


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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

The book ends with the Tessa having to face her own identity. Throughout the book, she was discovering a new, fascinating world she belonged to. At first, she didn’t want to accept the truth. however, when the “dark sisters” kidnapped her, she realized she was in grave danger. And so was her beloved brother. When the kind-hearted shadow hunters saved her from the “dark sisters”, she finally felt safe for the first time in the past few months.

As I was reading the book, I could see the various themes throughout the book. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to make an ad. In the ad, I would include one of the main themes along with an imagine that would grab the readers attention. In this series, the world in mainly divided into 2 categories. the honorable shadow hunters that keeps the world peace and the down worlders. (vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries.) Tessa, having to discover a whole new world, and spending most of her adventures with the shadow hunters, she felt safe with them. They (Tessa and the shadow hunters) fought together, lived together and laughed together– *SPOILER ALERT* — and so when they defeat the Magister together, she couldn’t live her normal life anymore. she had simply saw and been through too much. Knowing she was warlock didn’t make anything better.

She had a choice, a choice to live the normal life while her natural instincts were clawing inside her or to admit to her identity and live the low life of down worlders. 

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Boxer’s Rebellion

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Convicted by Kelly Roy Gilbert

I wrote a newspaper article based on the book “Convicted” by Kelly Roy Gilbert. During the climax of the story, the main character’s father “had sparked national media attention,” meaning there was news’s reported and a lot of people were talking about it. I chose to write a newspaper because while I was reading, I wondered how the news’s was actually written and how it was presented to the audience. Therefore, I decided that I would write a newspaper to what I think would’ve looked like.

First I wrote about the main plot, which was about the suspect Martin Raynor and the victim, Francisco Reyes. I realize however that the whole book was told by the first person in the place of Braden Raynor, Martin Raynor’s son. Therefore, I decided to include some quotes he said in the book as a key witness and as a son. When there was some space left over, I wanted to use the extra space to write an article about Braden Raynor’s game. In conclusion, writing this newspaper was a fun experience and really forced me to really get into the book.


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Everlasting Sanctuary-Sonnet

Warm light illuminating room with love

Smell of Lavender, paintings and picture

Mirrors, scribbled with names and letters ‘bove

Messy, compared to the white furniture


A soft bed, made with perfection and care,

Calls me to sleep with those stripes of blue deep,

A small shelf, filled with wonders of knowledge

Soft glow of fairy lights lulls me to sleep


Sitting in the back of the room, waitin’

A gleaming white couch sits in the silence

Hugs with those soft, cozy arms, listenin’

Better than gold and better than diamond


When the dark night seems to fall silent fast,

The warm light in my room shall always last


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