1. When is YOUR imagination the strongest? At what times do you feel your imagination is on at 100%? When do you feel when it is ‘stuck in the mud’?
  2. What are some challenges that YOU face when using your imagination? Use some real examples if you can!

How does imagination help an actor?

Our class was started by laying on the ground and imagining our situation freely in a given circumference. It took me to explore the places I have been or create places I would like to visit in the future. The beginning part of the imagination went easily and used 100% of my imagination since I was focused and also relaxed, but then in the middle of the imagination, I started to lose the concentration, which made me feel stuck in the mud to fly free in my mind. The most challenging part of the imagination was pretending me as a watch repairer. Since works as a watch repairer were limited, It was hard to use my imagination wholly. Imagination is really important for the actor for most of the part because improvisation or emotional face absolutely require creative imagination in order to convey the feeling to the audience. In addition, these skills help an actor to go deep into the character and define it’s characteristic.

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Short Monologue

Confidence? I’m scared from the minute I wake up every morning. I get up an hour before you just to check if you’re still there. If I have to go for an interview, my heart pounds so much you can see it coming through my blouse. If you want the God’s honest truth, I don’t even want to be an actress. I don’t know what I want to be. I just wanted to come out here and see you. I just wanted somebody in the family to hold me because it was me, Libby, and not somebody who wasn’t there.


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9 Effective Ensemble Member Qualities

  1. Risk Taker: being willing to step out
  2. Positive and Energetic
  3. Aware and in Control
  6. Cooperative and Collaborative
  8. Leaders (AND FOLLOWERS)
  9. Positively Critical and able to act on that criticism

Which of the ensemble member qualities do you feel you would like to work on this semester and why?

I would like to work on Risk Taker this semester. I don’t really like to try new things, I just do what I am accustomed to usually since I am quite scared of challenging. However, by being a member of the ensemble group, I really eager to enhance trying new things. To be honest, I did not really want to be in this acting class(I put this just for alternatives). So when I saw my schedule first, I shocked because I am not an active person in classes usually. But when I first attended the first acting class, I really enjoyed the class because I was able to learn new things, such as communication and collaboration that I’ve never experienced. I think this class would be very useful to me since I might be able to learn new skills which would help me a lot.

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Acting: Day 1

What did we do in class?

The first class began with getting to know Mr. Redman. After his introduction, we did a simple warm-up exercise which will relax us. We also did some activities that strengthen our ensemble skills. Then we finished the class with the improv game.

How did you feel about what we did in class? What did you enjoy or what was interesting?

I really enjoyed the activities we did which improved our ensemble skills. It was kind of confused first, but later, we realized how to collaborate and communicate with each other. I was a little bit embarrassed and unconfident when we started the first improv game, but later I really enjoyed and felt comfortable with the game.

What are you looking forward to in the class? Are you nervous or excited or just “trying to make it through”?

When I first saw my schedule, I was really shocked because I didn’t really want to take Acting course, so I was really nervous when I first entered the class. However, the first class was really different from what I had expected. I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the upcoming classes.

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Capstone Project – Education in China


What I have learned about my social issue, education, was the importance of education. Even though Gaokao seems really arduous to students, I think Gaokao makes students study for their better future. Throughout this Capstone project, I have contributed to improving the quality of life of students. I had some interviews with the local Chinese students, and I learned and heard a lot from them. This project made me encourage students who are exhausted because of Gaokao. I only thought that the Gaokao is just a challenging test that just made students really tired. However, my belief changed because I realized that many students feel the gaokao is really necessary, so they believe they can overcome all of the ordeals. When I was surveying members of the ISB community, I felt that they really tried hard to work and studied hard to achieve their goals to maintain their lives. So I think I improved my interacting skills with the people with polite manners. I if could do this project again, I want to interview the local teachers so I can hear the voice about Gaokao from them. This would really enhance my topic better. I want next Grade 8 students make clear and distinct compelling questions which will help them make an explicit claim.

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For this project, we needed to make a catapult that satisfies all of the success criteria we made. We needed to make a catapult that is stable and accurate. I think our catapult satisfied all of the criteria.

The most important learnings from this project were creating quadratic functions that fit our catapult and identify the graph. These were really important in order to throw the ping-pong ball to the target. The most challenging aspect of this project was creating a function that fits my catapult. It was really hard to identify x-intercepts and concavity of the function. I would make my catapult differently because our catapult threw the ping pong ball too high, and the ping pong ball did not go far. This project helped me in my understanding of quadratic functions because it helped me to convert a standard form into a vertex and factored form. Also, this project helped me to draw an accurate model that represents my function.


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Polymer Journal #4

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A Dim Light

A Dim Light


The Poem above shows a theme of The City of Ember. The theme that I made was “Thinking does not change anything, you need to show it.” The reason why I chose poem was the poem can convey a true meaning of the book has to people. If Lina and Doon only believed and thought that there was something going wrong on the City of Ember, they might not escape the city. “Yes, Yes I found it !”(180, Jeanne). However, since they figured out what the problems that their city is encountering now and looked for the escaping methods, they were able to escape and inform about the outside world to the remaining citizens. “With all her strength, she cast the message into the darkness, and they watched as it plunged down and down”(270). Without any action, the world cannot change and people cannot discover a brighter future. My multimedia demonstrates that even you are facing tribulations, you can find the solutions if you show your courage.


Citation: “Light Bulb Buying Guide.” Light Bulb Buying Guide,

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Polymer Journal #3

our prototype

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Polymer Journal #2

The goal that I and a partner have decided is a phone protection. The main reason that we chose this goal is that the utilization of phone increases rapidly and it is really common to see people who obtain their own cell phones now a day. The target audiences will be adults and teenagers because those audiences are the people who have the phone mostly. The first target market audience is an adult. This will help them from breaking phones when they drop it. There is a high probability of dropping phones since most of the adults live a really busy life and most of them hold something in both hands. The second target market audience will be a teenager. Since most of the teenagers own their own cell phones, offering phone protections to them is a really productive and great idea. Because most of them are not mature yet, they are careless of obtaining something. However, the phone protection offers them a practical protection. The polymers that will work best for our design are Gloops, Boogers, and Super Slimes. The reason that I did not choose goobers is that they are shattered. However, those polymers that I chose for my design will work really well because they have the characteristics that I really want to contain in my design. For example, Gloops have a feature that is sticky which means it is really easy to attach the polymer to an object. Boogers have a trait that is bouncy which prevents a considerable impact when people drop their phones. Finally, Super Slimes have a characteristic that affects the design which is colors and odors. The fabulous colors and fragrant odors will attract people easily.

our Specific goal

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