Polymer Journal #3

our prototype

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Polymer Journal #2

The goal that I and a partner have decided is a phone protection. The main reason that we chose this goal is that the utilization of phone increases rapidly and it is really common to see people who obtain their own cell phones now a day. The target audiences will be adults and teenagers because those audiences are the people who have the phone mostly. The first target market audience is an adult. This will help them from breaking phones when they drop it. There is a high probability of dropping phones since most of the adults live a really busy life and most of them hold something in both hands. The second target market audience will be a teenager. Since most of the teenagers own their own cell phones, offering phone protections to them is a really productive and great idea. Because most of them are not mature yet, they are careless of obtaining something. However, the phone protection offers them a practical protection. The polymers that will work best for our design are Gloops, Boogers, and Super Slimes. The reason that I did not choose goobers is that they are shattered. However, those polymers that I chose for my design will work really well because they have the characteristics that I really want to contain in my design. For example, Gloops have a feature that is sticky which means it is really easy to attach the polymer to an object. Boogers have a trait that is bouncy which prevents a considerable impact when people drop their phones. Finally, Super Slimes have a characteristic that affects the design which is colors and odors. The fabulous colors and fragrant odors will attract people easily.

our Specific goal

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Polymer Journal #1

Synthetic materials are the materials that are produced by combining different artificial substances. It is not materials that are naturally produced. Some examples of these would be plastic bags and glass containers. They are from natural resources but their chemical properties are changed. Natural resources are the materials that are occurring in nature. Examples of these are fossil fuels and sunlight. Polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules that are formed by a chemical reaction called polymerization. The first example of synthetic polymers is a plastic. Plastics are produced by the conversion of natural products or by the synthesis from primary chemicals generally coming from oil and gas. They are normally produced from petroleum. We would use this synthetic material in order to make something that is light and convenient to carry because the plastic is normally used to contain objects. The second example is a nylon. It is also from petroleum, to be specific, coaler petroleum. The synthetic materials are normally used to create rope, hard plastic, clothing, etc. So we would use this for developing something that needs to be covered by a thin layer. Synthetic materials are made by chemical changing the starting substances to create a material with different characteristics. This process is often called ‘polymerization’. Polymerization is the method of creating synthetic polymers by combining smaller molecules, called monomers, into a chain held together by covalent bonds. Monomers are molecules that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer. When natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials the chemical and physical properties of the substances changed.

synthetic materials & natural resources


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#31: The Karakoram Highway

Unpaved Ways 

It is full of secrets

It is hidden behind murky clouds

We cannot find the right way

The way to get there is too harsh

it’s not a paved road and it’s not temperate

The snowstorm raged through the day and the night

But many take a step to get there

Even this place is mysterious, they need to know the answer

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Two silhouettes show two distinct characteristics of two characters from Rebecca by Daphne Du Manurier. The left silhouette represents characteristics of ‘I’, Mrs. De Winter, in Rebecca. She was a really naive and positive girl before she got married to Maxim de Winter and move to Manderley, the biggest mansion in England, however, she began to change because of many external influences. “it’s very big, isn’t it? I said, too brightly, too forced, a school girl still, but he answered me in all solemnity.” (71, Daphne). The edge of the silhouette is bright and temperate, but in the middle of its head, it is dark and blurred. This is because she tried to act as a positive person, but since she lived in Manderley, her inner conflicts made her suffer from many pressures from the upper-class people and servants in Manderley. The right silhouette represents characteristics of Mrs. Danverse who was the main servant in Manderley.  She was a woman who worshiped Mr. De Winter’s former wife. After Mrs. De Winter arrived at Manderley, Mrs. Danverse tried to put ‘I’ in embarrassing situations with plots that she made. This was because she thought the only person who could be the wife of Mr. De Winter was his former wife. How dark and somber they were in that white skull’s face of hers, how malevolent, how full of hatred “(176). The dark part (black colored) of the right silhouette represents the real intention of her and the edge represents an icy attitude and a poker face of Mrs. Danverse toward ‘I’.


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French Revolution Journal Entry

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The French Revolution in Plain English

The French Revolution that took place in 1789 is still regarded as one of the most important revolutions of all over the world. The reason why that this revolution is regarded as a really important revolution is that the combination of third estate’s voice was involved in the revolution. The farmers, peasants and other people in third estates tried their best to remove the corruption of French government at that time. Third estates were suffering from poverty and taxation whereas the nobles and priests in First and Second estates lived in an affluent life.

After the French Revolution, a lot of things changed. The perspective about the revolution changed among the people. And also a flag that represents France changed to the flag that has three colors. Before the Revolution, their flag was about representing the monarchy. However, after the revolution, they made the flag that represents the citizens and spirits of the country. The form of government and the structure of the government changed too. The government from monarchy changed to the National Constituent Assembly.

Things that stayed was that the Catholicism still remained. The structure of society such as level also remained.

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The Great Journey

“You’ll live your best life today” (216, Green). When Hazel and Augustus met together, the joy is doubled. They had cancer, but they didn’t really care. They chose to leave to Amsterdam, Netherland for their last journey. In Amsterdam, there is a special author, Peter van Houten, that Hazel and Gus really wanted to meet and ask about the book he wrote. They were not scared of any outcomes because they thought they could overcome those. ““I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you” (187). When they came back from Netherland, there was only disappointment left. However, their brave challenges should be applauded.

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Amy’s Red Thread!

For One Day project, I decided to make a red scarf for my mom and dad. Since my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary was a week ago, I wanted to make a gift by myself. This One Day was perfect for me because I had a chance to make my parents’ gift. Even though I didn’t complete it yet, I will finish it during the Chinese New Year.

I was a beginner of knitting, so I practiced how to do a basic knit stitch first. Then I found the pattern on the Youtube, so I decided to make a scarf of that pattern. there were some difficulties during the process because sometimes the wool often got tangled. But I learn how to fix it from the teachers.

It was a nice chance to try a new thing during One Day and I think I learned a lot from this experience. I think I put my best effort into this project and I managed my time well. I was a little bit slow, however over time, I can knit faster than before.I think I enjoyed One Day a lot.


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Holding Hands

“Okay,”, “Okay,” (72, Green). Hazel and Augustus were both suffering from cancer. They struggled together and they endured together. They supported each other, love each other, and depended on each other. They were just happy of staring each other’s glowing eyes and just pleased by the presence of each other. Hazel, a girl who was always depressed, always had to carry a tube in her nose that helped her breathe which annoyed her so much. Augustus, Gus, was an optimistic boy even though he had Osteosarcoma in his right leg. But, he was positive. He was always there for Hazel. Cancer was not important to Gus. Cancer was just a trivial impediment that he had to overcome to get to Hazel. It was not an easy path to love and support each other. There were always cancer and society that distressed them. However, even Hazel and Gus were both on the verge of death they could get over it together. “Much of my life had been devoted to trying not to cry in front of people who loved me, so I knew what Augustus was doing. You clench your teeth. You look up. You tell yourself that if they see you cry, it will hurt them” (213). All of the conflicts such as fear of death, cancer, and society disturbed both Hazel and Augustus, but they sacrificed, challenged, and endured themselves all of the ordeals that they encountered, and those hardships were not a simple thing to bear for ordinary people like us who are in the similar age group.

Cancer was the common bond that brought Hazel and Gus together, and it was also the beast that was killing both of them. Hazel and Augustus went Amsterdam, Netherland to meet their favorite book’s author Peter van Houten who wrote An Imperial Affliction. They had a lot of questions to ask before they met van Houten. However, the fantasy of the author and the story was shattered after they met him. What they’ve expected was extending questions that might solve their curiosity of after the end of the story. The author was just a crazy person when they visited Amsterdam! Hazel and Gus tried really heard to visit him and also there were lots of dissents from professionals that interfered them, but they just ignored all of the concerns, and they just walked toward to the endless challenge. An irresponsible behavior of van Houten messed up all of their opportunities that might be the last for them. the bad presentiment was not wrong. After they came back from a vexatious journey, Augustus needed to stay at the hospital. A formidable and intolerable presence has come to them, cancer. They had to fight against this loathsome conflict. “I’ll fight it. I’ll fight it for you. Don’t worry about me, Hazel Grace. I’m okay. I’ll find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time” (215). Still, they tried to find ways to maintain their relationship. They were always looking each other with a slight smile. And these were the impetus that made them loves and copes with situations. If I were in this situation, I think I couldn’t behave like them because only the sole presence of cancer was intimidating, how could we overcome more trials and difficulties in the future.

In conclusion, a tremendous bravery is highly needed to go through conflicts. Even though their story was tragic and adverse, their love story was incomparably much more earnest than the others. Tribulations are also coming to us occasionally. By that time, we think everything is going wrong and all of the things are responsible to you. However, to get over these, we need to fight for it like what Hazel and Gus have done. We need to bear in mind that we have to live my life to the fullest.

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