Body Image and Substance Abuse

Using substances to alter body shape has many horrible consequences. Many are banned due to their effects on the human body, but they are still used. They cause things like heart problems, brain damage, and breathing issues. They may seem like a good idea to lose weight, or enhance your performance, but they can cause serious problems for your life.

Instead, there are many healthy alternatives like exercising, and going on diets. Those things can improve your body image without the consequences of using harmful substances.

FA Ignite Week

During Ignite Week, my group created a wind turbine, and a set of solar panels. The wind turbine doesn’t really work, though we spent a lot of time on it. The solar panels generate 6 volts each, and we have 4 of them, so it works pretty well. The project was filled with successes and challenges. We were able to decide to also use solar panels when our wind turbine wasn’t working, and it turned out to be a great idea since our wind turbine didn’t work at the end, and the solar panels were able to generate quite a bit of electricity. We had a lot of troubles making the wind turbine, because we were planning to make it very large, and it took a long time to do that, leaving us not enough time to actually get it to generate energy. I chose problem solving as my L21 focus area, and I built on it by needing to find solutions to the many challenges we had. Problem solving is extremely valuable in life, because there are always problems that need to be dealt with, and being good at problem solving makes it so much easier to deal with them. Overall, Ignite Week was very fun, I got to try something new, there were interesting topics and supportive teachers. I’m really looking forward to the next Ignite Week as well.


Ignite Week PPT