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February 11, 2019

My T-Pose Project

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Over the course of this project, I have spent a significant amount of effort trying to complete a seemingly simple 3-D render of a stick figure man T-Posing. Here are my final comments.


I was inspired to create this figure mostly by a series of memes, revolving around an individual doing the T-Pose. The man himself is basically a more fleshed-out version of a stick figure.


It took a while to figure out where I would start composing the basic elements of the man, whether it be the head, the torso, or the legs. I attempted to decompose the figure into two simpler shapes: a cylinder for the torso, and a sphere for a head. I then went on to create the arms and legs from the torso, but the main problem came when I needed to fuse the head with the torso, and create a neck. The program really didn’t like the way I attempted to bridge the two, and it descended into an inorganic, unnatural shape, so much so that I literally had to redo the entire project. The next time, I went straight to the head, and pulled out a torso from the sphere itself, so that I wouldn’t have to make and fuse two separate objects. The result didn’t look as nice and polished as the first, but the program did let it Finish Form, so I just left it like that.

Tools Used:

I think the tool I relied on most in Fusion 360 was probably the modify tool, since you can pull out faces, push the faces down to your liking, and even create new faces relatively simply. The fill hole tool is also really great for, well, filling holes. Sometimes when Finishing Form, there are some holes you need to fix, and fill hole makes it simple.

Final Product:

January 29, 2018

My Ignite Week CYO Narrative

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During the process of this Ignite Week, I got to experience and do many things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. For example, I got to read a bunch of intriguing choose your own adventure books, and actually managed to finish one. We got to see past projects, and base our stories off them. The application I used was called “Twine”, which I had used before, but nothing to this scale. In this one short week, I got to creating an fun, compelling universe, all in the form of a story. I think the hardest parts were finishing all the storylines, since they branched off often, and it was hard to not overcomplicate things. But, in the end, it was all very fun.

December 13, 2017

My Project Consume Final Film: wrapper.

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In Project Consume, I have learned a lot more about the environment. Entering this project, I had no idea what the three lenses of sustainability or the sustainability triangle were. I learned a lot more about the direct impacts of humans on the environments, and vice versa. I also leaned how money can influence people to harm the environment, and how the need for money is some of the only reasons people hurt their surroundings. I learned of the supply chain, of capitalism, and how big companies are shaping the world in different ways. I visited a plastic factory, and learned firsthand how plastics are made and packaged. Finally, I took everything I learned, and shaped it into a three minute long animation. That video is what you see below.




November 15, 2016

Giver memory pain

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Giver Response

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December 11, 2015

The Honey Collector

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The logger’s chainsaw ran slower and spun to a halt. “Rrgh!” he dropped the chainsaw on the messy undergrowth and gave it a swift kick. This only worsened the problem, and the chainsaw started smoking. He looked onto the horizon, and heard bunches of forest animals calling out to each other. He sighed and breathed in a deep breath of jungle air. If the boss finds out I only got two logs AND broke my chainsaw, I’ll surely get punished! “Work, you stupid chainsaw!” he pleaded. This logger was so focused on getting his chainsaw to work; he didn’t notice the dark figure silently but rapidly advancing towards him.

In blind fury, the logger seized the chainsaw and started chipping away at the nearest tree. “Come on, I’ve got to – Argh!” the logger, a large, muscular man, now sunk to his knees, and the last thing he saw before he blacked out was the dark, sharp needle embedded in his throat…



“Ihh! I can’t get this dumb tree sap to stretch! Rin, can you pass me that stick there?” I asked. Then I noticed the logger mumbling for me to stop yammering. “Oh, hi, did I wake you up? Sorry, I’m just making my newest invention. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Maw-bee, named after a famous Nukak. Of course you wouldn’t know who the Nukak are, you’re a logger my dad recently captured, aren’t you? Well, the Nukak are a tribe of people who live deep in the Amazon rainforest, between the Guaviare and the Inírida rivers, in case you didn’t know. And guess what? I’m a part of the Nukak! Every one here is –” I stopped when I noticed my friend Rin-ta glaring daggers at me.

“Honestly, why do you even keep this dirty brat in your house anyway? And why do you keep talking to him?” Rin-ta demanded. “He’s a LOGGER, and loggers have no heart, no respect for the environment. Plus I hate loggers, you know why…”

“Rin, he can still listen to us, and he can help me with my inventions!” I sighed and continued talking to the logger. “That was my friend, Rin-ta, but I call her Rin. She hates loggers, because her mom and dad were both killed by angry loggers.” I paused briefly when the logger mumbled something about a “raise.” “Look, I don’t CARE what your boss says; he’s a mindless forest hater. And why are you rambling on and on about this “money” stuff? Do you use it for trading? And–”

“Some attention here, too…” Rin stabbed a knife into the table to get my attention.

“Seriously, Rin, I’m just chatting to him here. All right, I added the final touch to my invention. All right, let’s go hunting!” I dashed out of the room before she even had time to dislodge the knife embedded in the table.




It seems now that logger has become Maw-bee’s best friend. I sighed and looked around the dark gloomy hut. Maw-bee banged on the door and told me, “Hurry up, already!”

“Coming!” I grabbed my knives and my hunting spear.

“Oh, yeah, don’t forget my airhorn thingy!” Maw-bee yelled through the leafy door.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I grabbed his little contraption off of its stool and ran out the door. When I got out, Maw-bee was looking at me expectantly, tapping his foot.

“Come on!” he cried and ran off into the jungle. I sighed again and ran after him. The jungle was humid today, and I could hear monkey calls in the distance. Good.

“Apparently someone caught a sacred white-tailed deer yesterday,” Maw-bee announced to me.

“What?!” I looked at him with a shocked face.

“Probably wasn’t looking, maybe thought it was a capybara. Plus, the guy over to the left of your hammock is making me a new piranha tooth spear, because he caught a whole batch of piranhas with his net, and said that he could share the loot to make spears, and my one is sorta cracked.” He showed me the tip of his spear, and sure enough, a long, jagged crack ran across the side.

“Really, what DO you do with your spears? Mine is in tip-top shape. Also, my blowgun darts are tipped with the special paralyzing poison that your dad makes, the one that he used to capture that logger guy. I bet your ones are just the average mildly poisonous kind, the kind that everyone uses.” I stuck my tongue out at him, and he made a face and nudged me with his fist.

“Well, I bet your berry plant is much smaller than mine,” he defended. “I use the special kind of fertilizer that my mom makes.”

“Ha, you think that — ” I broke off. Maw-bee looked at my gaping face and followed to the direction I was looking to. Then I thought that his jaw dropped all the way down to his chest. But I couldn’t blame him. Up on a tree was the biggest hornet’s nest I’ve seen since we moved to this jungle, and it was so full of honey that it was overflowing at the sides. But…

“Hey, Maw-bee, do you really think that you can reach that nest?” I observed the tree uncertainty. “It looks seriously high, and I don’t think even Nun-bu could survive that fall.”

“Pfft! Don’t be a scardey cat, Rin! I’ve climbed lots of trees for honey before. How is this one any different? Plus, look how much honey we could get!” he exclaimed.

“The only difference is that this tree was TWENTY log widths higher than the other ones you’ve climbed! The worst falls those shorter trees could give you is a broken leg! I don’t even want to consider what would happen if you fell from this one – Hey, Maw-bee! Come back!” But he was already on the first branch, with all his stuff in a pile on the ground. I sighed. That stubborn Maw-bee is such a risk taker! I just hope he doesn’t fall… if he does, I won’t be able to help!



The trussed up logger sighed. He breathed in the stale air of the hut and grumbled out of annoyance. He was getting tuckered out of looking at a bunch of wood and closets of wacky inventions. Whatever that energetic boy with the wild hair and that auburn girl with the knives were doing must be more fun that sitting tied up in a noxious hut. What on earth WERE they doing? He wouldn’t call it a date, because normally they didn’t involve weapons.

I sure wonder what those young’uns are doing. They’re still young, young like Collin. I really hope they don’t end up like him. Sure, he hated these “Nukak” people, but he still had a heart, and just the thought of Collin made the logger’s eyes tear up…


“Lookin’ good, Rin! These vines look sturdy. I’m just going to use them to pull myself up… Ungh! The vines stop now!” I grabbed on to the rough hide of the tree. “I’m going to have to just use the bark! Hey, the nest is only about thirty logs away!”

An ominous buzz that I ignored started growing more boisterous. I looked up and saw a cloud of black and yellow descend towards me. “Rin, the hornets are starting to close in! I’m gonna light the torch to put the hornets to sleep!” I reached towards my tiny pouch made of a few leaves and pulled out a large stick and some flint and steel. I lit the torch and the hornets started growing more placid. A few fell out of the air and onto me. I grimaced and kept climbing. “All right! I’m up to the nest!” I called down to Rin. “I’m cutting the stem now! Got it! Now I just need to shimmy down – OW! WOOOOOAAAAH!” The next thing I knew, I was plunging down the tree. The pain in my leg was nothing compared to the tidal waves of fear crashing around inside me. “HELP, RIN!” My voice elevated to a scream. “AAAAAHHHHH! I DON’T WANNA DIE! AAAAAWhat?!”

I hit a huge branch, and the momentum threw me off the edge. Before