This video reflects the problem of youth employment and education training. Many parts of China contain problems for not enough money to support their children to go to school. This video is a story about a girl called Angela that her parents do not have enough money to support her to go to school.



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“Throw a Ball”

From this activity I learned that how functions can relate to real life problems, and how it works. Also the ball can not follow the functions that it could include some prediction error. From algebra i we learned how to create quadratic functions and how does it relate to this problem. To connect to the concept from algebra i I can solve the max and the min height for the problem.

In our group we worked efficiently and we got our work done. Our greatest challenge was to use LoggerPro and find our equations and how to use it. We could improve our communication for each other. If I could differently I would change some ways of throwing the ball.

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Polymer Journal #5

Polymer journal #5 by Angela Yu

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  • My biggest obstacle was to stick everything together. The glue of the glue gun could not cool down to stick cardboards together.

  • Skills that I learned or developed were how to program and put arduino boards on to the turtle.

  • One thing I’d like to change is the color of the turtle.

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Salt to the Sea Themes

In this book, the main theme is that fate is held on your hands not others. This book Salt to the Sea written by  Ruta Sepetya. This book is a historical fiction book, it is about WWII, and there are different sections of the book, separated by different main characters in this story. There are four main characters and four different perspectives. The main characters are Emilia, Florian, Joanna, and Alfred, they all have a very different identity. But they have one thing in common it is that they are all affected by WWII and affected from the Nazi’s.

In World War II, people were determined by their race, religion, sex, and health. At the start of the book, Nazi’s racial prediction of the people’s fate has been internalized by many characters. Joana claims that “Our papers determined our fate.” (p 104, Sepetya). Therefore, it has been proved that individual will to survive is more powerful than the death penalty approved by the state. “He wanted to leave me. His race was his own. Who was this German boy, old enough to be in the Wehrmacht, yet dressed in civilian clothes?” (p59, Sepetya) This is said by Emilia which supports the theme of this book that fate is held by ourselves.

Throughout Europe during WWII, the fate of individuals during wars depends on the specific symbols of their identity – a fact that a lot of people sense of despair and helplessness for many who believe they are doomed to failure. As one of the main characters Emilia. She endured the Nazi murder of her family, rape and got pregnant, and found it difficult to survive. Which resulted in her to become superstitious and she thinks everywhere has hints for her death. Her mother died in childbirth and so she believes that she too will die for giving birth to her child. But later on in the story, these things did not happen and she killed a Nazi soldier and saved her child. Therefore, fate is held in Emilia’s hand, not in other people.

In conclusion, this book, Salt to the Sea is trying to tell the reader and audience that fate is always held in our hands and nobody else can control it. In this book every character survived from WWII had been through a lot and they must take care of their own destinies. “Death, it seems, has a mind of its own” (p135, Sepetya)





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Salt to the Sea Character Analyze

The book Salt to the Sea written by Ruta Sepetys, it takes place in 1945 during the final days of WWII. In this story, it is written in four different perspectives and as four different main characters. This is a character analyze multimedia. It analyzes differently personalities for the four main characters in the book, Joana, Florian, Emilia, and Alfred. In this multimedia, it had added 2 quotes from the story supporting two main characters.

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Polymer Journal #4

from all of our prototypes, we tested them in a couple of ways to get our perfect prototype polymer.

In our first prototype, we failed very badly.

In our second prototype, we succeed and the formula of this prototype turns out to be one of our best prototypes and we combined this prototype with another prototype.

We made a lot of prototypes. For example, in the white prototype, it was too hard to stretch and we had to throw it away and the blue prototype was too watery and it was very hard to stretch.

Then we made another prototype. This prototype was very bouncy and it was an okay prototype but it couldn’t stick onto the mugs. I looked back to prototype number 2 and combined these 2 polymers together. The idea was that the bouncy polymer is the protection for the mug and polymer 2 was the one that could stick onto the mug. After we combined both polymers together it turns out to be our perfect prototype.

Then we tested how protective it was. So we threw glass bottles down at the stairs to see either the polymer could protect mugs or not. Normally a glass bottle would break at 3 stair height. And after we wrapped our polymer around the glass bottle and dropped it from 3 floors. The polymer did not break.

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End of the Year trip 8th grade

  • List three things you learned during the two train rides (not necessarily about the train).

The 4g is very slow on the train while traveling

The train has no delays unlike airplanes

Moves very fast

  • What are two things you learned by the end of this trip?

The food was very good

Ping Yao is a very small place

  • What were the successful aspects of the Pingyao Challenge for your group?

Buying beef in different stores

  • The funniest moment on the trip was:

At night playing fight the landlord with friends while watching videos.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of the trip? How did you deal with this challenge?

No 4g or internet in the restaurant played with friends.

  • · Describe the most memorable experience you had in Pingyao.

At night playing games with friends.

  • What recommendations would you make for the trip next year?

Beds should be 2 separate beds, not one.


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Polymer Journal entry #3

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Polymer Journal Entry #2

Polymer Journal Entry #2


In my polymer project, my goal is to make a polymer that can prevent breakage of cups and mugs. It is a polymer that could be any size that you could make into, just simply wrap up the object with the polymer. The main audience for this polymer is office workers. For people that work in the office, they often have a mug or a cup, and the mug may include some special memories, but sometimes accidents happen. When the cup falls the polymer takes action it is like a protective case for a mug. When the object falls down the polymer decreases the force and the friction that would cause the object to break just like an anti-falling phone case. The polymer can be stretchable, shapeable, any color and soft. The best base for this polymer is the Stretch-Tastic Slimebecause it could be shapeable and sticky enough to stick onto the mug or cup to prevent breakage.

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