Why shall I have a dog?

In A Dog’s Purpose written by Bruce W. Cameron, the main theme is relationships are forever. This book talks about the purposes of a dog.  In the book from the perspective of the main character Bailey, which is a dog says” My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy.”(165)This is an evidence showing the purpose of a dog. Also, dogs are always loyal to their owners. For example, when Bailey sacrificed to save his owner from the victim. A dog is always loyal to its owner “ I knew who he was: I would recognize that scent anywhere. Unmistakably Ethan. I’d found the boy. ” (277) This is a part when the main character found his original owner, he knows this is Ethan because the scent from his brain never fades away, which showed his loyalty to Ethan.

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A Dog’s Purpose

Family, love, loyalty, life, consciousness, existence, mortality, and communication are the theme in A Dog’s Purpose written by Bruce W. Cameron. One of the biggest themes is relationship are internal and forever-lasting. This touching book is about the reincarnation of a beloved dog, and how the main character dog called Bailey reincarnated back to its original owner who is named Ethan. The purpose of this book is to love your pets. Also, this wonderful book talks about a basic question: Why are we here?

In this book is written a perspective of a dog, Bailey and why is he here. He went through 4 reincarnations, and each reincarnation sets as a different character, but the personality of Bailey did not change. He was honest to all his owners. For example, when Bailey was reincarnated as a German Shepard his owner was an American police, at the end Bailey sacrificed himself to save his honorable owner. This piece of evidence showed Bailey was a loyal and honest dog. Also during Bailey’s first “life” with Ethan he learned that his whole purpose is to entertain and comfort his beloved owner and always keep loyal and honest. During the first part of the story, Ethan was injured badly, physically and also emotionally. After spending decades with Ethan, Bailey finally dies of old age, but this life of Bailey he knows his mission and purpose is that why is he here. “My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy. I didn’t want to cause him any unhappiness now—in that way, I decided it was probably better than he wasn’t here to see this, though I missed him so much at that moment the ache of it was as bad as the strange pains in my belly.” (165-166) This is a phrase from a part of the story meanwhile Bailey was almost released from the reality, he was reflecting himself, in the end, he finally grasps the meaning and purpose of his life.

At the end when Bailey finally reincarnated back his love to his original owner did not change. This time his owners are a sweet couple, but the apartment building does not let the pet in. Instead, the owner of Bailey gave him their mother. The mother had a boyfriend, and her boyfriend abandons Bailey onto the countryside. Soon Bear realize this place is where decades ago Ethan bought him here, he uses the skill when he was still a German Shepard and hunt down the sent and find Ethan’s farm. When he and Ethan reunited, Ethan was already an old man, he was not a little boy, anymore. Ethan decides to adopt him and renamed him as Buddy. As time passed by quickly Ethan was a very lonely, old, bitter, and wrinkled man that lived by the countryside. Buddy soon realize that he should do something for Ethan. He thought he could at least make Ethan more happy, and lively, at least the fate of Buddy or Bailey, or any identity that Bailey had.

Pets and owners have difficulties communicating. Animals could not speak verbally to communicate to humans. People read through body languages and learn from their pets. A dog’s purpose Bailey acts like a normal dog, he is unlike other stories such as Snoopy or Garfield having speech bubbles and thought. Compared, in the story of A dog’s purpose Bailey has a very rich inner monologue, which narrates and guides the audience into his story and life.  Also, pets are not immortal, they have to pass away one day, like Bailey, but they learned what is the purpose of their existence, and the consciousness of their fate. “The scent of death, recognizable to me as any memory, wafted off of Hungry in the dry, dusty air” (10) This is a sentence from the story, where Bailey’s brother dies and he feels the sadness and the emotion, but Bailey does not fear death, and this is also evidence of mortality which is one of the themes in this story. Pets can bring families back together. For example: During the last incarnation of Bailey he found Hannah and brought her to Ethan, and since both of them are already single, they rekindle their romance, and both fall into the river of love.

In conclusion,  A Dog’s Purpose is one my the best book I have ever end. This book is not one of the books that have a schmaltzy ending where the dog dies, or a conflict happens that leads to a despondent conclusion. The differences are that in this book, the dog dies at the start, and each time is reborn as a new puppy, but inversely it includes all the emotional memories of the past life, and the character is eternally reincarnated. The main character of A Dog’s Purpose experienced through all the existence just as we do. Through this book, I learned the best championship is with your pet. Owning a dog or a pet is just like a marriage, your best buddy accompanies you throughout their life. Therefore, connecting back to the main theme: the relationship of infinite love is forever.



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Relationship in Midsummer Night’s Dream By Shakespeare

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Flipped Settings

A small, quiet, and peaceful town that is located in America during the late 20th century; this is the place where the two main characters first met each other. All of their neighbors seems pretty nice to them, and all the houses have yards. Also most importantly, the sycamore tree. Not everyone loves that tree but Julie sure loves that big tall tree. Julie likes to climb up that tree and enjoy the view. In Bryce’s perspective the sycamore tree is just a tree nothing important at all, and therefore, conflicts happen.

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Whoever loved that loved not at first sight?” — William Shakespeare.

Flipped is a book that is written by Wendelin Van Draanen. This book has two main internal conflict inside both main characters it is about avoiding and misunderstanding each other. Bryce Loski and Julie Baker met each other before the start of second grade, and when they first met each other they started their stories.

 Julie met Bryce after they moved their house. Bryce was a shy boy. When Julie first met Bryce she thought it was first love at sight. But Bryce was not sure he was shy and not sure about it, so he tried to avoid Julie. “It’s been six years of strategic avoidance and social discomfort” This is said by Bryce, this showed he tried to hide from Julie. “I thought I would die for wanting to be with him.”(11). This was the time when Julie and Bryce first met, Julie thought that she would die to get him, which shows her desire to Bryce, but after some problems with Bryce, Julie started to avoid Bryce.

Both characters had misconception to each another. They had trouble communicating with each other, for example, during the time when Julie gave the eggs to Bryce every day, but Bryce misperceives the message  and disgust the eggs and he throws it in the garbage every day. “Have you… always thrown them away?” (79) When Julie found out she was really mad at Bryce and from then on they never talked to each other, just because of misunderstanding.  Julie misunderstands Bryce, that he throws the eggs away, because Bryce thinks the eggs have problems.

Finally, Flipped is a story about funny, fantastic, romantic comedy, avoiding quarrals, and growth. There are a lot of errors for anyone who had fallen in love or out of love, for example the two main characters in this story flipped. All the time Julie thought she loved Bryce her but she never really knew him as she thought she did. Therefore, love is not something should be decided at the first sight.



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Academic Goal:Having a better grade by every end of the trimester report, and having at least 2 grades being mastered,  also checking the rubric for every assessment.

I would actively work towards this goal by using at least 1 hour of studying time for core subjects, and the rest of the time reading books.

Wellness Goal:  Sleep at least 8hrs a day.

I would actively work towards this goal by playing fewer video games every night, and also work towards a better quality of life. Sleep from 11:00 – 7:00 everyday.

Personal Goal: Having a better body fit, and  gaining muscles instead of gaining fat. I will measure this by using the app on my phone.

I would actively work towards this goal by exercising every day, and also eat less sugar, and junk food everyday.



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 “Every chess player was once a beginner.” -Irving Chernev.  Waverly is a smart child, but as the story grows Waverly starts to lose her innocence. In the story Rules of the Games by Amy Tan, the protagonist, Waverly Jong is about a young girl that is a master at chess, but meanwhile, she has a mother that is always strict to her which caused to change Waverly personalities


First, Waverly is a smart and knowledgeable girl, but she used all her knowledge to use in playing chess, and also on other things as well. “As I peered into the sack, I quickly fingered the remaining presents, testing their weight, imagining what they contained.”(3) From this paragraph, it can infer Waverly is a smart and intelligent child, because she uses her brain to make smart decisions such as picking a present for herself. Unlike, other kids just randomly picking a present for themselves, but Waverly estimates the presents and chose the present wisely. This is why Waverly is a smart girl.

Second, Waverly is not an innocent girl, anymore; the more chess Waverly plays the more innocence lost. For example: “One time I complained that the bedroom I shared was so noisy that I couldn’t think. Thereafter, my brothers slept in a bed in the living room facing the street.”(5) This part of the story tells that Waverly uses small reasons to make her brother sleep in a bed in the living room facing the street, while Waverly gets a better room. Also, the main issue that caused Waverly to change was her mom; Waverly mom puts too much pressure on Waverly, and so she starts to be cautious of her mother. “We not concerning this girl. This girl not have concerning for us.”(5) Her mom puts too many expectations on Waverly, which caused Waverly turning into a scheming child.

In conclusion, Waverly is a knowledgeable and  scheming child. Even though her mom is always strict with her, but this did not change Waverly’s interest into chess. Her mom changed her through a lot of things. For example manipulating her, to help Waverly improve on life, but  meanwhile, her mom did  not notice Waverly is changing into a scheming child. But anyways, thanks to Waverly’s mom who encouraged her to play chess, that turned a beginner to a master chess player.

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Innocence and Youth

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