The Pale Blue Dot Science

From the two videos, the one that impacted me the most is the Pale Blue Dot video. In Hubble Deep Field the part when they compared Earth to Sun to Arcturus to Alpha Scorpii A to VY Canis Majoris, it showed how small Earth was, and how small humans were. Compared to the Pale Blue Dot at 40 seconds it showed a picture and in that picture, it shows a small blue dot in the huge cosmos. In the video, it said that “This is a tribute to Carl Sagan and his poignant look at the tiny speck in the cosmos that humankind calls home.”  From this quote, it can conclude how small we are compared to the others. So, in conclusion, the one that impacted me the most is the Pale Blue Dot, because it showed me more about where humans live to and compared, but compared to the Hubble Deep Field it only showed Earth compared to the Sun. Therefore, the Pale Blue Dot impacted me more.

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