The book Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld. Scott Westerfeld wrote several series of the Uglies. In this book, the main characters are Tally, Shay, and government. The main plot of this story is the people who have better looking was treated better. Also, the pretty people created a system that when people turned 16 they would get an operation to turn pretty. The whole setting of this story takes place in a broken down civilization thinking that people with better appearance was the best.

Tally is one of the main characters in this book and her life was ugly. She had to wait until she was sixteen to receive the “pretty operation” when she gets pretty she can be normal and be treated better. Tally is one of the people that was born ugly and wants to turn herself into pretty.  The other main character is Shay. Shay is a person that is satisfied with her look and does not want to turn pretty. Shay wants to rebel against the pretty system, but Tally just wants to become pretty and they became good friends with each other. “You’re all brainwashed into believing you’re ugly”(97, Westerfeld). In this book, it is mostly the social situation that takes control over people. Where Special Circumstances as in control and tried to brainwash the uglies that they were ugly, and when people rebel they would hunt them down and kill them.

The theme of this book is appearance is not the way to judge people, it is the inner beauty to judge people. This theme shows through during conflict, plot, characterization and scene setting. For example, Shay and Tally have a different perspective and opinions of appearance. “What you do, the way you think makes you beautiful” (249, Westerfeld)This quote is said from David at the latter part of the book, in this scene David tells Tally about what is true beauty. It also means that people cannot be judged by the way they look, but by their actions. Tally and Shay at the final of the story where the main plot

This connects to the world today, such as in this book the pretty system is like the government who takes control over people. Also connecting to the past, whites and blacks were treated differently which relates to the book Uglies, where Pretties was as if the white, and the Uglies was like the black. Furthermore, Tally and Shay were like the rebels of the pretty system they were like the people that protested against the white. Connecting back to the modern world, there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor, such as the rich people can do almost everything and the poor are just like the Uglies, who does not have any choice to change, but only to get better and connecting to the story it was as if the Uglies need to have surgery to become as equal as the pretty.





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