Drinking purified wastewater an option as California drought continues

Los Angels, California has terrible drought, water is getting very scarce and people there are worried. However, experts say that there can be a way to fix this, they convince people to drink portable reuse, which is to reuse wastewater.¬†Wastewater is undrinkable because it is unclean. For example, when we go to the bathroom, the water that is flushed away becomes wastewater. But sadly, this plan has failed in California, all the Californians said that this was “yuck”, there were even a cartoon to disagree with portable reuse. While in Texas, all the people there are using the portable reuse even though that it doesn’t even have a drought. So experts are pushing this plan and kept insisting to do the portable reuse since it is useful and it is the only way to solve the problem.


This made me think about that we really should save water! Before this tragic happens at anywhere else, we should be responsable to our environment. I chose this article because I think it is really important. California is facing a major problem about the drought, and I think we should donate water to them while they really need to do the portable reuse plan since it actually worked in Texas. I was surprised that a drought actually happened somewhere on Earth! This means that we should be more reponsible and not waste water. I believe that this problem can be solved, while the Californians should be more careful and should reuse water.


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Annie 6-6