The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island


In California, the novel “Island of the Blue Dolphins” is very popular. The book is about a Native American girl is left alone on an island, she survived while hunting fishes for food. This book is actually based on a true story. The girl was known as the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island, this island is near the Southern coast of California. Steve Schwartz, an archaeologist who was very interested on this, set off a journey to find the Lone Woman’s cave. He was eager to dig and find this cave. It took Schwartz more than 20 years to find it, and he finally did it in 2012. It was 20 feet high and 75 feet long and was packed with sand. Schwartz worked with an archaeology professor to carefully dig out and study the cave.


Have you heard of the famous book “Island of the Blue Dolphins” ? It is very interesting and it’s actually based on a true story. I think it will be fabulous to find where the Lone Woman lived. I think Schwartz is a very intelligent and persistent archaeologist. After all that hard work for 20 years, he finally did it. If he wasn’t that persistent, I don’t think he will find it, but he wasn’t scared of failing and kept on trying again. I think that this is something that we should learn from this article. I think this connects with ourselves too, because we should also keep on trying things, it is okay to fail for your first time, or second, or third, but the thing is that you need to learn from your failures so that you won’t make the same mistake over and over again. If you want to succeed, failing is the most important thing of all. Nobody is perfect for the first time, but if keep on practicing or doing it again, there might be a time that you actually got it right or succeed. However, I think Schwartz is a great archaeologist.

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Bruce the champion

This article is about a horse becoming a champion. In Prescott, Arizona, Bruce the friendly chestnut-colored horse just could not win. However, Bryce Runyan, a 25-year-old professional calf roper, which is also his owner gave him a chance. Bryce is 25 years old and is a calf roper. Before Bryce had Bruce, he had Maverick, but he was getting too old so Bryce got Bruce. However, the team didn’t do so well at the Prescott redeo this year, they ran out to chase the calf before when they were allowed to. Later, when they were foing to a rodeo in Taylor, Arizona, Bryce has to win, otherwise, he will not make to the National Finals Rodeo. As they got ready, the calves, Bryce tied the calf with the rope easily. He finished it in only 9.7 seconds, it was the fastest time ever. However, Bryce earned with something even more valuable. He now knows that Bruce was just the right partner.

I think this article connects with my story, Colette and Her Dreams because it’s both about friendship and partnership between horses and human. I think the horse should be loyal and friendly to its owner. At the same time, the owner should be kind and forgiveful to the horse too. I think trusting each other is very important whether if you are the girl riding the horse or the one carrying the girl. In my story, Colette, the girl who wants to be a horse trainer and Jolie, her horse, between them,  there must be a deep friendship just like Bruce and Bryce in this article. I think this article also connects with myself when I am riding a horse. Sometimes I find that finding a good horse that suits myself helps alot. When you like this horse and feels like it, then you will be a good partner with him when you ride it. Also, pat him often and feed him by yourself so that he likes you and will like to work and ride with you. Another example is that when in class, we need to work with the table, this needs partnership or teamwork so that we can complete our target easily. This is all about partnership with a partner and teamwork with a team. And also collaborating and cooperating with my partner. I also learnt from this article that even when there is a failure, if you keep on trying and trying, you will finally succeed. Sometimes, failing is part of succeed, so even when you are failing, try again and keep going. Never give up is the point. If you don’t give up when you fail, maybe you will succeed the next time, or the next next time. This article taught me alot of things and it isn’t only about horse winning, but cooperating and never giving up, this article is very useful.

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Children Slavery

In SURAT, a city in western India, there are more than 50,000 young slaves who have to work hardly for hours with only very little money and food to eat. India has laws saying children must stay in school until age 14, but still, millions of workers work across India. However, the Indian government has changed some of the laws that they would allow some children under age 14 to work, but only if the company is owned by his/her family member. But people who fought for the children’s rights disagreed with the changes of the rules. In Surat, bosses often tell the government that the children working there are their members while the young workers keep quiet, which makes the government rarely finds out the truth. But once the bosses get caught, they can have worse punishments, they could be fined $800 or sent to prison for two years. India’s prime minister, Narenda Modi, said, children do need an education, but India is a poor country. Making all child labor illegal could hurt Indian farmers, shopkeeper and companies. However, just like what Kumar said, no one wants to buy things that are made by children.


This article is connect to the book, Boys Without Names. They both talk about child labor. The bosses are usually very cruel to the young workers and treat them really badly. Just like in the book, Gopal and the other boys were put to make frames with no food and rarely any food, while their boss whips them mercilessly. Many child slaves in real life are also like that, the bosses may kick when they did something wrong and even starve them. Also, in the book, only Gopal was brave enough to tell the truth and try to escape, and he finally succeed when the polices came. The other boys was so loyal to their boss and was even negative to him, without Gopal’s help, they might actually never escape! In the article, they say that the children are often keeping quiet because they are scared and not daring to say the truth and help themselves. Even though if they were saved, the cruel bosses who hire children are only fined $800 or sent to prison for two years. I think that’s way to less, I think they should stay in the prison for at least four years or fined for at least $2000. Think about how was they treating the kids! And I agree with what Kumar said, who will want to buy something that’s made from those small hands with tears and blood?


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