Doctors say writing and reading are important for good health

Allison Adelle Hedge Coke made through her childhood with a mother with mental illness who cannot take care of her. Writing made her feel better and he overcome problems. Coke is now an award-winning poet who is 56 years old and teaches writing to make people feel better. In June 12th, 2015, Dr. John Harper, a heart doctor thinks that telling stories can also heal people. Reading also help people to get better. Now, doctors and scientists who study the human’s mind are looking how healthy reading and writing is. Writing will help u understand how fun life is, Coke thinks.


This is really a good article that taught me a lot of things about writing and reading. I think it is very important to read and write, and what I was surprised about was that reading and writing can actually heal people. I think this really connects to us, even though we are not going through hard time. We can read and write when we are interested on it, in our leisure time, when we are bored, sad, angry. We can read and write whenever, wherever we want. I think reading and writing is a part of your life. It can help you express what you are thinking. To keep a diary is a great example. It’s like having a best friend which you can tell her about everything. Also, reading can help you calm down, and it just feels like that you are the character that you understand, and it makes you feel sympathy to the character.

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2 thoughts on “Doctors say writing and reading are important for good health

  1. Hi Annie! you did an osm job on telling about the article and showing your thoughts and ideas. I’m curious about if Coke is a male or a female, because you said, “writing made her feel better and he overcome problems.” I’m surprised about doctors saying that reading and telling stories can be good for your health! I’m even thinking that the doctor is wrong! (Well, doctors are sometimes wrong but most of the time they are right…) anyways, this is an interesting article. Good job!

  2. Annie, you did well on your blog ideas! You described well so other people can understand what is going on. I really think of your opinion and I also think that writing and reading are both good for our health, because they think and use the body, so they keep our health healthy, I think.

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