Linda Ragsdale

What Ms. Linda Ragsdale was talking about inspired me, I was suddenly into thinking deeply. I think she is an optimistic person and she is great. She shared her experience in the attack in India. And after listening to Linda Ragdale, I realized that everything is your own choice, whether if you choose to be happy or not, but it’s all your choice. I was amazed by her after she told us that she got cancer and got bald, she stayed positive and even told jokes about it, she wanted to stay happy, and even in the worst times when things don’t go as you wish. Also, I knew that we often see things in our own way, but what we don’t see is the truth, we need to see it from other’s perspective, to see a bigger world. We need to see things differently. Sometimes you need to find it out and stay calm. All we need to do is to communicate. Like the game I experienced when I had to open her fingers, I didn’t know that everything was just so simple. I just need to communicate with her, using words, but not solving the problem physically. Likewise, Wars and fights start off like that, instead of using violence, why not chill out and try to talk to them, isn’t that is what words and languages are for? If everyone will open their minds and try to understand others, the world would be a better place. Linda Ragsdale taught me an important lesson about life, it was great to spend time with her.


Always keep that smile!