Changing is a Part of Life

“She could never talk again. Not after what happened.” (Marsden, cover). The theme of So Much to Tell You by John Marsden is to face the unexpected changes in life no matter how hard it is. Marina is a strong character that has been through so many changes physically and emotionally. First of all, in the beginning of the book, right after what happened, her face is different. Not only is she self-abased of her looks, she was also excluded from her peers and they stare at her because of her looks. Marina is scarred, in shock, and refuse to speak to others. Which even leads Marina to a worse state. Also, she despises her father who poured acid on her. However, as the girls in the dormitory and her teachers support her with all their love, Marina is getting better step by step and is much more socialized. She eventually finds her original identity and is more open to others. Furthermore, every time when Marina thinks of her father and the memories of the two, those unpleasant of him feelings fade away. And Marina eventually finds her pathway to meet with her father, and restore their relationship. Although quiet, Marina was tough and accepted all the changes. While in the beginning, Marina thinks that “I make people uncomfortable” (Marsden 11), in the end, she completely changed, “I’m so glad I came here now!” (Marsden 112). This book was deeply moving, and it connects to real-world problems. Just like in the world, every individual is made to face multiple changes and adjust themselves into that estate. Marina’s story shows a girl with harsh conditions but made rapid changes that helped her thrive in her society in the end. In my book cover, it shows Marina walking through a dark tunnel, but she sees light at the other end. Hope surrounds her and she is changing herself back to her bright, normal self.

Trip Reflection

On September 11th, we 8th-grade students from team 1 went on an unforgettable trip to ShiMenShan, Beijing. In class 8-3, we went raft building in the afternoon and went to the Via Ferrata, a rock climbing course on metal steps, during next morning.

The trip was full of fun, and I experienced activities that I’ve never done before. During raft building, our team demonstrated the ISB core value: creativity. We were provided two tanks and six bamboo sticks, and while others tried to use the classical style of rope tying and raft design, we were creative and used a different way to build our raft. Unlike others who put their tanks underneath the bamboo sticks, our raft had the two tanks on each side of the bamboo sticks. This helped keep the bamboo sticks together and made it stable. After testing it in the water, although we were all wet, our group was still the first in history to overcome the challenge. We were successful because of our creative design and the unusual raft. We were proud of our work.

Friendships May Change a Life

“She could never talk again. Not after what happened…”


Winner of Australia’s Book of the Year award, So Much to Tell You is a novel written by John Marsden, filled with vivid characters that provide a vibrant and moving story. Each character – from the protagonist to the antagonist were all well described and helped develop the story. The emotional flow between people artfully built Marina, the main character’s story.


After her father poured acid on her and staying in the hospital for such a long time, fourteen-year-old Marina was sent to a boarding school, trying to make progress with communicating with people. Marina was sent to Warrington “because my mother can’t stand my silent presence at home.” (Marsden 1) But not until Marina started writing in a journal for English class, and her life suddenly had a dramatic turn. Every night, Marina would write down her experiences and emotions, and it was a way, and also the only way that she could express her feelings.


In the beginning, Marina lived in isolation, not caring about the society, neither aware of other’s care for her. She felt that she is different from others, and her frightening face makes most people reject her. When people try to talk to her, she doesn’t know how to respond, so all she would do is to run away and hide. She stated in her journal “I make people uncomfortable. The kind ones get angry because their kindness doesn’t work. The unkind ones get angry because they think I am attacking them.” (Marsden 11) As she excludes herself from the “eight girls in the dorm” (Marsden 16), her teachers, and classmates, she tries to write from the heart using her journal. Then, she starts to make connections with a warmhearted girl, Cathy, in her dorm, and they soon communicate through objects like gifts or notes. As the two girls get closer through little things, Marina’s desire to show her feelings to others was stronger and starts accept people. And that was when a startling change occurred in Marina’s world again. When Marina decides to give Cathy a gift to show their friendship, she was so surprised by how overjoyed Cathy was. “Cathy cried when she opened it, did you know?” Marina’s roommate Lisa said. Marina’s English teacher, Mr. Lindell, also starts to show concern to her. With their help, Marina eventually struggled through her hardest times and found back her identity. She finally changed her introverted self and became back to her normal self and had a way better relationship with the rest of her roommates.


The first friend of Marina in her dorm, Cathy, played a huge role changing and helping Marina. She yelled at Marina in the beginning. Cathy got mad and threw Marina’s undies at her and said, “And don’t think we’re going to keep feeling sorry for you all year.” (Marsden 26) However when Cathy sent a card for an apology to Marina, she starts a unique correspondence between the two girls, and as their association develops, their friendship extends. This connects to me as well. Sometimes having a rough start with someone certainly doesn’t mean that you will not become best friends with her later on. Maybe it was even the conflict between people that started them to notice and finally accept each other.


Therefore, Marina was a strong character and illustrated the story with colors. She suffered, was depressed, but she tried hard with many help from her peers and eventually thrived. Without Cathy and the nice girls in her dorm and Mr. Lindell, Marina will still be hiding in a corner of her own world. But Marina was more open in the end and even had the courage to find her dad. Hg Marina’s story, So Much to Tell You, tells how important people around us are. And how one small kind act of a friend, may completely change a person.