Two Shoes, One Dream

For OneDay 2018, I chose to work in the Paper Quilling group. I like crafts and it was something I was passionate about working on for one whole day. I am excited that ISB allows me to experience different forms crafts can be. I wanted to explore what Paper Quilling was, so I came here.

For OneDay, I decided to make a pair of artistic shoes and make paper quilling arts on it.

First, I make soles by using a glue gun.

Second, I attached the fabric onto the soles using a glue gun.

Then, I made paper quillings on the shoe to make it artistic and fashionable.

What I learned in One Day was that to never give up. There were so many challenges for me to make the pair of shoe. I feared to fail, I feared after failing I wouldn’t be able to make it right. During the first time I started to attach the fabric on the soles, it wasn’t right and the shoe kept falling off of my foot. I decided to pull the fabric off and attach again. After numerous fails and numerous tries, I think I’ve finally mastered it. I got on the hold of the techniques, and the second shoe was soon made. Just to put a paper quilling element in it, I decided to attach a bit of black paper quilling, which made it more complicated and gorgeous. All of my friends like it, and I think today was fairly successful. I didn’t give up, and so I succeed.

For next year, I think I am going to try ceramics. Why? Because I like to explore the different elements of arts and crafts. I believe that art isn’t just drawing or painting. We can see art through many other aspects. I think using clay will help me demonstrate my understanding of art too. I think One Day is just fabulous for all people to attend because it provides them one full day to work on what they desire for.

The Journey to a Dream


Brown Girl Dreaming, written by Jacqueline Woodson, and the winner of the Newberry Honor, National Book Award, and Coretta Scott King Award, tells the story of the author’s childhood in the form of lyrical freestyle poetry. While facing the loss of family members, a brown skin, and the how people disregard her, she still holds her dream tight. The theme of Brown Girl Dreaming is that her story is like a complicated journey, where every single memory of her brings her one step closer to her dream: becoming a writer.  “And somehow, one day, it’s just here speckled black and white, the paper inside smelling like something I could fall right in to live there- inside those clean white pages” (Woodson, 164). While dealing with the ups and downs of childhood, Jacqueline gains confidence not only from family and friends but also through writing. “Every dandelion blown, each star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. My wish is always the same. Every fallen eyelash and first firefly of summer… The dream remains. What did you wish for? To be a writer” (313) For every wish, Jacqueline hopes for the only thing – to be a writer. Jacqueline’s story reminds me of Woodrow Prater, the boy in the book Belle Prater’s Boy. The Woodrow’s mother had disappeared from town, and he had to live with his aunt.  People in town talk about him a lot because of his mother, and he had a hard time during his childhood.  But he eventually found himself friends with his cousin, just like how in Brown Girl Dreaming Jacqueline found herself friends with paper and pencil.  My movie trailer represents the theme of the book, while in the beginning the trailer gives descriptions of the memories that the author had encountered, the story slowly evolves and the theme and main point uncovers. I put in the extra sound effects, and the background music to show the deep emotions into the story.