Trip Reflection

On September 11th, we 8th-grade students from team 1 went on an unforgettable trip to ShiMenShan, Beijing. In class 8-3, we went raft building in the afternoon and went to the Via Ferrata, a rock climbing course on metal steps, during next morning.

The trip was full of fun, and I experienced activities that I’ve never done before. During raft building, our team demonstrated the ISB core value: creativity. We were provided two tanks and six bamboo sticks, and while others tried to use the classical style of rope tying and raft design, we were creative and used a different way to build our raft. Unlike others who put their tanks underneath the bamboo sticks, our raft had the two tanks on each side of the bamboo sticks. This helped keep the bamboo sticks together and made it stable. After testing it in the water, although we were all wet, our group was still the first in history to overcome the challenge. We were successful because of our creative design and the unusual raft. We were proud of our work.