Two Shoes, One Dream

For OneDay 2018, I chose to work in the Paper Quilling group. I like crafts and it was something I was passionate about working on for one whole day. I am excited that ISB allows me to experience different forms crafts can be. I wanted to explore what Paper Quilling was, so I came here.

For OneDay, I decided to make a pair of artistic shoes and make paper quilling arts on it.

First, I make soles by using a glue gun.

Second, I attached the fabric onto the soles using a glue gun.

Then, I made paper quillings on the shoe to make it artistic and fashionable.

What I learned in One Day was that to never give up. There were so many challenges for me to make the pair of shoe. I feared to fail, I feared after failing I wouldn’t be able to make it right. During the first time I started to attach the fabric on the soles, it wasn’t right and the shoe kept falling off of my foot. I decided to pull the fabric off and attach again. After numerous fails and numerous tries, I think I’ve finally mastered it. I got on the hold of the techniques, and the second shoe was soon made. Just to put a paper quilling element in it, I decided to attach a bit of black paper quilling, which made it more complicated and gorgeous. All of my friends like it, and I think today was fairly successful. I didn’t give up, and so I succeed.

For next year, I think I am going to try ceramics. Why? Because I like to explore the different elements of arts and crafts. I believe that art isn’t just drawing or painting. We can see art through many other aspects. I think using clay will help me demonstrate my understanding of art too. I think One Day is just fabulous for all people to attend because it provides them one full day to work on what they desire for.