My Learning

9:53 AM

When I first came into the classroom at 8:15 am, I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I am very excited to become an 8th grader this year and I really look forward to the things that I will learn this year. And although I know most of my classmates and teachers, stepping into the classroom still took me some courage. I am stepping into a brand new environment, this classroom, every feature of it was new to me: the smell of it, the style of it, the overall colors of it and much more. But I felt an unusual familiarity, I felt welcome in a warming classroom, and I can already tell that we will be knowing each other so well through all the classes that we will be having together.

My first two days.

8th grade is just fantastic. I am absolutely thrilled to experience the last year of Middle School. 8th grade is not like any other grade, as one of the oldest members of Middle School, I am prepared to accept challenges and learn with all my effort. I’ve made many new friends that I have never even met before, and I think 8th grade is going to be full of fun. When we were asked to do activities during mentoring, what I saw made me feel that 8-3 is already blending together and working as a whole. What I also liked about 8th grade was that the arrangement of schedules for each individual will help us socialize. On one hand is that the classes that we will spend with our homeroom group is lesser than before, but on the other hand, we get to meet new people and make new friends as well. The classes that we are having are very interesting as well, the things that we do are so much different than what we would do back in 7th grade. All of the classes are preparing us for High School, so I will surely work hard towards knowledge this year and try my best at everything. I am extremely excited for all the events that we will be part of in 8th grade, and I eagerly anticipate this year.


So…I’ve been blogging for two weeks now

I chose this image of the view of the galaxy to represent what I feel about my process of blogging. The galaxy is beautiful, but it is made up of billions of stars altogether, making this gorgeous scene. I believe that this is same for my blogging process too. Just one post will be only one bright shiny star. But through the slow procedure, as one star and another is added in the sky, the darkness is lit up by all the lights, creating a whole galaxy is sparkling. This path leads to the shimmering result of my learning.

Blogging can change the way I learn by changing the way I think and the way I present my thinking. Without blogging, I won’t have an organization of the evidence of my learning, neither will I have the opportunity to write these posts that help me express my feeling of something. Blogging will help me learn in an interesting way.