Classical Drama

Words from Hermia and her peers show Hermia’s characteristics. From lines 79 to 82, Hermia’s words show her firm decision of marrying Lysander. In the lines shown above, Hermia means that she would rather go to the nunnery than to marry/giving her virginity to Demetrius. This shows how much she wants to be together with Lysander, and if her will is not granted, she would still not marry Demetrius, because she and Lysander are in deep love, and they don’t want to be broken apart. From lines 214 to 217 shows Hermia’s carelessness. These lines are when Hermia is talking to Helena about her and Lysander’s plan. Hermia has told Helena every single detail about her plan, and the location to the exact. Hermia is so excited for her amazing plan with Lysander and simply did not concern about that Helena will tell Demetrius everything. Hermia is not careful and was infatuated with Lysander. From the lines 46 to 52, a speech from Theseus shows that he cannot understand Hermia’s love to Lysander. To Theseus, it is Hermia’s filial duty to follow what her father says. Theseus thinks Hermia is just a rebel and is not repaying her father, who gave her beauty. Therefore, Hermia is strong-willed and careless and to Theseus, she is a reckless daughter.