Found Poem

In the passage The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant, the story tells about how the narrator, a 14-year-old boy, who admires the 17-year-old girl living next door, Sheila Mant. As the narrator gets nearer with Sheila Mant by interacting with her through many different ways, he successfully asks her out, and he decides to row the canoe on the night. As usual, he sets up his rod and was ready for his “destined” love. But during this night, he meets a big bass, the biggest one that he had seen in his whole life. Unfortunately, Sheila Mant’s antipathy towards fishing forced the narrator to make a hard decision for himself. It/s the girl he loves, or the bass. Although he would do anything for Sheila Mant, it was really hard for him to give up his passion of fishing for her. Throughout the whole journey on the canoe, the narrator was filled with anxiety, and as it came to an end, the choice was made. But the second when he cuts the fishing line in half, he soon regrets his actions. Even so, Sheila Mant was displeased and left without turning around. and the spell of Sheila Mant that was casted on him was soon gone. The title of my found poem is “The Epitome of my Mistake” because it represents how the conflict develops between the narrator and Sheila Mant. As she and the narrator contradict each other more and more with their opinions, the narrator has finally relinquished and realizes the catastrophic situation caused by his mistake.