The Capstone of Middle School

Capstone was an unusual and inspiring project to end my journey through Middle School. From this project, I have learned how severe the air pollution problem is in China today. Air pollution is extremely harmful to our environment and our own body. And if we do not attempt to stop the air pollution worsening. What I have contributed to the community as a result of this project is that I have created a documentary to publicize the harm air pollution causes. I have also interviewed many residents living in the Shun Yi community, which helps raise awareness for citizens through answering my questions about air pollution.


I have always thought air pollution was not a problem so severe, and the AQI has become better these years. However, through my research, I have found data demonstrating the growing AQI values over years. And these severe air quality problems do not only exist in Beijing, but also many other cities in China. I have also learned from my interview and surveys that many young workers are already aware and worried about the gradually deteriorating air quality.


The Capstone project did not only teach me knowledge about air pollution in Beijing but also skills toward interviews. I was good at interviewing before, but sometimes when it came to sensitive survey questions, I found it awkward to interact with my interviewees in a delightful way. It was a problem in the Hutong trip. However, during the mini trip across the street, I learned to ask sensitive questions in a mild tone, or sometimes even to keep away from even asking them. If I could do this project again, a huge change I would make is that to improve my essay. I would make it a more sophisticated piece of writing and make it more detailed.


To the Grade 8 students of next year:


The Capstone project requires good time management skills. If you want to make your work with deep understanding, it is essential to make sure to complete your work earlier than the due date, so that you can revise it later on.


Take a look at my documentary here!