First of all, the product failed because it is not working and unfinished. There is no technical skills when making product because the spinning wheel was all made up of cardboard papers and a lot amount of cutting and glueing using glueing gun were done during making.

Second of all, the quality of product is middle and the function is not shown clearly because of again the unfound materials and unfinished product. My original idea was to build something that demonstrates a energy transfer from electrical to kinetic but also children can learn from it but the last product did not clearly show the change of energy.

Lastly, to improve I think I would need to be more skillful at making things because it has been a long time since handmaking products. The idea could have been more simple that I could be able to finish in 3 hours about 4 hours time according to my ability.  However, I think this fail was a experience to me that I could do it better for the next science project.


Engineering Project: Define&Require



This product is too simple and could be done in one class and the most major                            disadvantage is that it doesn’t show a clear energy transfer.

#3  Image result for device that transfer energy

#4   This idea uses the theory of the spinning wheel. This design shows a clear energy                      transfer from electrical energy originating form the battery covered at the back and to            kinetic energy which is the path connected to the spinner. The client or audience is the          children for the purpose of learning the science behind but also playing with this                      product. This is safe for all age groups because it is handmade and it doesn’t contain              any sharp edges or harmful chemicals in there and it could be recycled which is                        environmentally friendly.