It’s My Choice

1) I learned that even though my topic is in China, it’s not that widely known about, and some people are starting to turn the phrase into a compliment. 2)If I could do the Capstone project all over again, I would do more in-depth research and write my essay all over again. 3) I want next years Grade eighth students… Read more →

Journal Entry #4

  Prototype Claim Use evidence from above observations to complete.   Prototype # 4 called MA-P4, was most effective for meeting our goal because:                       Method of Final Design Give a summary of how your final product will be made. Make sure you list the steps and amounts used.  … Read more →

Polymer Journal #3

Describing Our Polymer     We are making…   A replacement for bubble wrap and a phone case       We want the Physical Properties to include: Stretchy Durable Not too sticky Strong     Our Plan to Develop our Prototype        We will use the slime recipe as a base Test out the different ingredients we… Read more →

Polymer Journal #2

Our Goal: The goal of our polymer project is to …   Replace bubble wrap and create the ideal packaging       Target Market Audience Some Examples: Adults Parents with small kids Elderly Kids Teens Boys/Girls Teachers/Businessmen/Shop Owners Pet Owners Travelers Target Market Audience How will this help them? Target Market Audience #1:       Adults    … Read more →


  The issue I would like to focus on for my Capstone project is Gender Equality. I believe that all genders, female and male deserve to be treated the same way. The question I am going to be researching is: How did the phrase ‘Leftover Woman” come to be? And how have independent women grown to accept this phrase? I… Read more →

The Arab Spring Revolution

The Arab Spring was a revolutionary wave of both violent and non-violent demonstrations, protests, riots, coups, foreign interventions, and civil wars in North Africa and the Middle East that began on 17 December 2010 in Tunisia with the Tunisian Revolution.The Tunisian Revolution effect spread strongly to five other countries: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, where either the regime was… Read more →

The Blogger’s Book

I find myself thinking that my life is boring, a lot. But in Iraqi Girl by John Ross, our main character Hadiya, describes her everyday life, and I’m fascinated the way her life unfolds. Are all lives like this, does everyone think they’re lives are boring but find others’ lives fascinating? After all, all Hadiya does is rage on about her… Read more →

Goals 2017-2018

Academic Goal: Study math for an hour every day   Wellness Goal: Go to sleep earlier, drink less caffeine.   Personal Goal: Unpack and organize all things from India.   Reflection: I have tried my hardest to fulfill my goals. I do study math now for at least an hour every day now. I go to bed much earlier than… Read more →