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Body Images Substance Abuse

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What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape? Give specific examples and consequences. What are some healthy alternatives?


Using substances to alter body shape is dangerous to your health and physical condition because of the hazards associated with the drugs. Diet pills and steroids can have many side effects once the substances are consumed such as a change in the heartbeat. This can irregulate your body’s stamina and cause organ damage. Even though these drugs take less effort than exercising, the harmful drugs are very bad for your body in the long run. Instead, you can have a healthier diet by eating more vegetables and fruits, rather than foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat. Exercising regularly and controlling what you eat is a much better way to maintain a good physical health.


The Giver Disscussion

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Ignite Week 2016 Day 3

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Today, I printed out my first name tag as a sample on acrylic. When you look at the sign without direct sunlight, you see dark brownish purple, but is you look at it with sunlight coming through the material, it is a very pretty purple colour. I really like how this turned out. The speed and heat of the laser was too quick so it cut out the entire “o”. The laser cutter had difficulties engraving and cutting fonts downloaded from the web so I had to change the original font to a font the adobe illustrator provides. During school, I finished designing all the name tags. Some of the tags which are going to be placed on the wall will need to be screwed in so we asked Sodexo to come in to check whether or not they needed holes in the name tags. They needed 6 millimeter wide holes so I added holes into the plaque. Tomorrow,  will print the names on different colours of acrylic or wood to see which looks better. I think acrylic would look a bit better. I am also adding icons to match each words. For example the coliseum would have a picture of a coliseum next to it. I am very excited to find out which colour or material suits the name the best. When I find out, I will print the rest with one material but maybe different colours. I hope to get all of the things done by tomorrow before school ends. Then if I have time, I can make my own thing. wechatimg1

Ignite Week 2016 Day 2

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During first block, I worked on the final touches of my name tag. After break, Mrs. Lemley helped me print my name on cardboard on a laser cutter. She needed to remove some stars and the board was accidentally turned upside down so it was the rough side facing up. When the name was handed to me, it smelt really bad. We walked around the classroom to figure out what we could make FA better. I thought of making name tags for each of the space. Last block, I stated designing and wondering how to stick these name on walls. At home, I am going to finish the designing and tomorrow, I am probably going to print one name to see which material is the best.

Ignite Week 2016 Day 1

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Today, I learned where the laser cutter was and how it works. I also fiddled around with Adobe Illustrator. I now know a few features in Adobe and still trying to figure out a few more. I am making my name on an oval shape like a big name tag. I plan on sticking this in my room. I am working on finishing the name today night. I will print my name tomorrow.screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-3-13-00-pm

The Weight of an Elephant

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“Rring! Rring!” the sound of my alarm clock rang. My eyes couldn’t open from the bright and vivid light, shining into my room. It was 6:00 in the morning. As I lazed back on my bed, I suddenly remembered that I have to go to work. I let out a heavy sigh. Why can’t it be a Sunday?

I dragged my feet to the bathroom and I put on my old, torn T-Shirt. I didn’t have anything better than that to wear. I walked into my daughters’ room. The two of them were still lying on bed sleeping soundly. I wondered when could I send them to school? I earn about 5,500 baht per year. How can I afford paying for their schools? I placed a gentle kiss on both their foreheads and went off to work.

As I went to the front of the doorstep, I called out to my wife in Thai, who was wearing Thailand’s traditional clothing, “Bye Mira, I am off to work!”

Mira replied in a soft voice, “See you, Maho,”

I slipped on my shoes that smelled of elephant dung. With a heavy heart thinking of leaving my family behind, I headed over to the elephant shed, which material was made of bamboo and rubber. Surrounded by towering trees, I opened the gate to reach the elephant. DoDo, my elephant, greeted me with a nudge with his trunk. He has done that every day since he came 6 months ago. I climbed onto the huge back of his, feeling the roughness of its skin rubbing against my thighs. The tough hide was caked with mud, especially near the bottom of his leg, like a cake covered with brunette coloured icing. My life depended on him.

Today was the 1st day of June. This month, the temperature was the warmest throughout the year. It was about 31 degrees Celsius. During this time of the year, sweat would roll down my back and all over my body. The sticky feel of sweat sometimes made me feel like I was a stuck in the mud. It was so uncomfortable. How I wish it were December now, where at night it would get a bit chilly and the hot and humid air would go away.

I started the 20-minute journey to the tourist camp. I swayed back and forth sitting on the elephant. Little drops of sweat dripped down to my eyes, blurring my sight and view. As I got to the camp, I hopped off DoDo’s back and greeted the other mahouts and the manager a good morning. The camp manager started aligning the elephants into a line. I think the camp conditions are awful. Yet, I dare not voice out my opinion to the manager, as I was afraid I would lose my job and wouldn’t find another. So I just kept quiet and bore with the pain. In order for other mahouts to earn enough money, they feed their elephants amphetamines, which is a type of drug to make the elephants work longer. At first I hesitated to feed DoDo the drug. However, later on, I started realizing that they earned more money than I did; I began giving DoDo amphetamines to make him work longer. When I fed DoDo the drug, I felt so guilty but I had no choice.

As the sun started lowering itself back to its home, I packed my bags and headed to the roads and streets along with DoDo. Every day after camp, I bring DoDo to the roads and streets to beg for food and money. The roads and streets were packed with people during peak hour. Now was the peak hour. During this time, I would stand on the sides of the roads. As the traffic lights turned red, I would bring DoDo in between cars. When lucky, in one hour, I would persuade five cars to wind down their windows, giving me about 15 to 30 baht. Yet today, not even a single car stopped to give me money. Even then, I still did not give up and hung on to hope.

When the sky got completely dark and the weather got slightly cold, I climbed onto DoDo and headed for home. When I got closer to my simple attap house, I whiffed the smell of Thailand’s traditional cuisine called Yam Wunsen Kung. Yam Wunsen Kung is a spicy Thai salad with noodles and prawn. Straight away, I knew Mira cooked that for dinner. Only once every six months, we would get that for a special meal. After I brought DoDo back to his shed, I skipped happily home. The scent of food changed my mood and my appetite.

As I opened the door to enter the house, my family welcomed me as they greeted me a hello. My two daughters rushed from the dining table to the front door. I gave both of them a big hug. Mira poked her head out of the kitchen and I waved my hands. I removed my shoes and put it on the bamboo shoe rack. As if I could fly, I glided over to the dining table. The small table was made out of wood. A small plate of Yam Wunsen Kung was set on the table. I waited for my family to sit down to eat together. Suddenly, I heard whining sounds from outside. At first, I didn’t know what was happening. I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. As the sound repeated a few more times, I wondered if it was coming from DoDo. I called out to my Mira who was in the kitchen “Mira, I am going to the elephant shed to check on DoDo,”

My daughters came over to me asking, “PaPa, is everything alright?”

I didn’t want them to worry so I simply just told them, “Yes, everything is fine,” I put on my shoes and went outside. I crossed my fingers hoping everything would be okay.

As I approached the shed, the sound came closer and closer. I closed my eyelids shut. I was hoping that everything was all right. Unfortunately, when I opened the gate, in front of me was DoDo in the corner of the shed. Straight away, I knew that something was not right. I quietly walked over to DoDo and patted his head. DoDo whined again. Something was really not right, and I knew DoDo was in pain. I thought to myself, maybe it might be the fact that I fed him amphetamines. I was now left with two choices: to stay in the camp where I feel miserable and where DoDo is suffering, or to leave the tourist camp, bringing DoDo with me to find a new livelihood. But deep down in my heart, I knew that my earnings and income was dependent on DoDo’s wellbeing. If my elephant was suffering and in pain, I would have to choose between DoDo’s health and earning money for my family. I thought about not giving DoDo amphetamines anymore, and that was my decision.





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“Yes!” I called as I yanked my blanket off. Today was the day my family, our friend, Ern Rui, are going to the water park. The water park was called Wild Wild Wet. I could feel the tingling in my fingertips and toes in anticipation of an exciting day. I thought to myself, this day couldn’t get any better could it?

“How long does it take to get there?” I impatiently asked my mum the moment I got in the car.

“About 20 minutes,” my mum replied.

“Urghhh! That seems like forever!” I exclaimed, squirming in my seat. I wished I could be zapped there. This wasn’t my first visit to Wild Wild Wet and sure wasn’t the last time. As the car drove into the parking lot, I flung open the door and rushed to the water park. The smell of chlorine greeted me as I entered the water park. I must have gotten changed and ready in the shortest time ever.

After playing in different pools, rides and waterslides, my family and Ern Rui got up and headed over to the new ride called “Torpedo”. The floor was scorching hot from the sun; it felt like our feet were stepping on charcoal. We hopped and skipped our way there. For the Torpedo ride, there was a height limit. Each and every one of us stood against the height chart. Unfortunately, only my brother and I were tall enough to ride. My sister pulled a long sad face.

“This is so unfair! I want to go to! I wish I could grow taller in a snap!” she shouted. So, the rest of them went on a different ride. From where I looked, it seemed scary. I heard the sounds of my heart beating like a drum. I didn’t want to go on the Torpedo.

“Oh, come on! It won’t as scary as you imagine. It would be fun!” urged my brother. I looked at the towering Torpedo again.

“Alright,” I agreed reluctantly, dragging my feet to the staircase. My feet felt like they weighed 100kg. As my brother and I walked up the stairs to start queuing, we saw the long line of people; it was like the body of a long snake, moving so slowly. We waited for almost an hour. As we got closer to the front of the line, I started regretting that I queued up. My body started shaking so hard that my knees were knocking together. People in front of me were walking up to a small red and transparent cubicle. When they got in, the doors of the cubicle closed. Then, I heard the loud speaker booming ”five, four, three, two, one!“ As the speaker yelled “one”, the person inside the cubicle dropped down.

After the endless wait, it was finally our turn. I turned to face my brother.

“Uh oh!” I panicked.

“You will have a great time!” my brother encouraged me. But I could tell he was just putting brave face to it. There were two cubicles, I took the left and my brother took the right. I stepped nervously in the cubicle. The cubicle was red and transparent. There was a bit of transparent glass in front of me. Below my feet was a flap. As the loud speaker called out “five, four, three, two, one!” The flap below us dropped. The gush of wind whooshed down my body. The ride down the Torpedo was long compared to others. It felt like you were inside a dragon’s tail. The ride had many turns, which made me dizzy. At the end of the ride, there was a lifeguard standing next to the end of the slide. He brought me to the exit. I was standing there waiting for my brother. As my brother was brought to the exit by the lifeguard, I immediately spun my head around him. When I spun my head, it felt like I was slapped across my face.

“That was so scary!” I screamed. “But I am so happy that I took that ride! That was awesome!”

“True that, “agreed my brother.

My brother and I went to find my family and Ern Rui. When we found them, we continued playing in the water. There were other pools and slides. One was called the “Tsunami”. The Tsunami was like a pool, when the bell rings, the pool starts having waves. It was like surfing in the ocean. Your body will bob up and down. There was also a water playground in Wild Wild Wet.

As the water park started closing, we got our things and started packing up to go to dinner. We went to the shower stalls and showered. We took our things and walked to the car. I was sad that the day of fun was over but I couldn’t wait to go eat dinner. I heard the sounds of my stomach growling.

We ate dinner at the food court near Wild Wild Wet. As soon as we got off the car, the aroma in the air from food stalls came to me. I asked my dad for some money. He gave me $10. I sprinted to one of the food stalls and bought a dish. We ordered from lots of food from many different stalls. Such as, Wan Ton Mee (Singapore’s cuisine) and Roti Prata (type of Indian bread). There was so much food on the table that it squeaked and creaked. We were scared that the table would break. We ate enough to feed an army. This day was a fun, intense and happy day.

The scariest ride today proved to be the best. I am glad I pushed myself and took the Torpedo. I can’t wait to be torpedoed again!

Water Crisis? Our World?

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When we glance at the globe, we may think that there is so much water that we cannot run out of it. This is not true. Our world is facing a major water crisis. According to Junior Scholastic, almost 97% of our world’s water is undrinkable. This is water from seas and ocean. Another 2% is frozen in glaciers and polar ice sheets. Only the remaining 1% is drinkable water found in fresh water lakes, rivers and groundwater.


Firstly, water sites are suffering droughts. According to The Day The Mekong River is the “world’s largest freshwater fishery. Downstream countries rely on it for food and farming”. Chinese dams are wrecking this river ecosystem. This shows that our world’s natural rivers and lakes are being affected by our man-made structures. Our world is experiencing some water droughts due to imbalances of water flow.


Secondly, there are conflicts between countries. According to The Day, the source of river Indus is from Kashmir. Pakistan fears that the Indian dam will hold the country to ransom. Also, The Day, states that both Egypt and Sudan rely on the Nile River for their prosperity. Several countries compete for the source of water streams. This highlights that the scarcity of water can lead to many arguments and conflicts.


Thirdly, the lack of water on earth may lead to a decrease of our world population. According to Junior Scholastic, it states that United Nations estimate water scarcity will effect half of our world population by 2032. Hundreds of million people develop water related disease such as, malaria and cholera. This illustrates that the end of 2032, lack of clean and safe drinking water may affect almost half of our world population.


In conclusion, water in our world is very scarce and that we should raise awareness for saving water. Remember, water in our world is not an endless resource. Only 1% of our world’s water is drinkable.


I am From

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I am from Singapore
A tiny country
With a huge heart
A place that is clean and low crime

I am from a world of hobbies
Baking and having fun
I am from baking
A delicious treat with aroma
Filling the air
Almost as if my neighbor can smell it

I am from a land of fun
Laughing, playing, family and friends

I am from sports
Forehands, backhands, serve, volley
I am from dance
Ballet, Jazz, Tap
From pirouettes like a spinning top, Jazz moves and tippity tappity toes

I am from DIY’s
Having fun, making a mess and thinking outside the box
Imagination and Creative

I am from The Baby-Sitters Club series
Children, baby-sitting, meetings and members of the club
I am from the TV show Modern Family
Humorous, comedy and laughs

From Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein and Terry Fox
Who fought for equal rights and peace
Showing perseverance

Monkey King-Reflections

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Now that you have completed your Monkey King performance, reflect on your process and journey. Think about what was easy and what was hard, what you liked and what was a challenge for you, is this something you would continue with in the future, what will drama class in middle school be like. Remember to use complete sentences and write in paragraphs.

Throughout the Monkey King process, I thought that writing the script for our monkey king was probably one of the hardest thing. It was quite hard as we had to take the most important things in the book and turned it in to speaking dialogue. Throughout the process, we also had a few visitors coming in and showing us a short play. We also had a few ISB Wushu coming in during Performing Arts and teaching some moves. When we choreographed our fight scene, we took some of the moves which helped us a lot. During art, we practiced painting our face. I liked painting our face but I did not like taking the paint of my face. I thought that projecting my voice loud and clear to the audience was quite easy as I had experienced drama camp before.


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