A Snapshot of A Young Girl’s Captivating Story

Hundreds and hundreds of children die every day from water-transmitted diseases. Not only can we die or get infected by drinking contaminated water but by just passing the rivers. Over a long period of time, the toxic smell infects our lungs and we become infected. This video contributes to our society by informing and educating everyone about water pollution and warning them about the dangers of water pollution. At first, I thought that most people in China had access to clean water. However, after this project, I realized in China, only 20% of China’s largest cities have safe drinking water. Over the course of the Capstone project, I learned to be confident in public speaking and comfortable with interviewing and talking to strangers. We went on multiple trips to help our Capstone project, this also improved my skill on being able to interact with local citizens. If I were to do this project again, I would definitely choose a different topic that I barely have any knowledge on so that it would be a risky challenge to take on. Something that next year’s 8th graders should know is that they should get as much research done as possible and try to finish work early so that revisions can be made.

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Firing Our Catapults Into Our Dreams

Catapult Functions Sheet Height vs. Time

Catapult Functions Sheet Height vs. Distance

Catapult Planning Sheet

Catapult Flight Path Video

The Catapult Challenge was designed to help us understand parabolas better and create functions from basic measurements. We were to create a catapult that could hit all targets in the challenges. We had to figure out the measurements of the ball flight path from a video and create a function. Which then had to be transformed into 2 other functions.

I gained so much knowledge from doing this project. I learned how to create a function given the y-intercept, vertex, and the two x-intercepts, how to define the variables mathematically and in the context of the problem, and how to change our function to hit the targets in the challenges. One of the challenging parts of this project was firing the ball in our catapult to hit the target. We had to use the same force consistently and fire it in the same direction if we hit the target the first try. I would make my catapult more sturdy next time since our rubberband snapped, we had to fix our catapult on the challenge day. This project helped me understand creating functions from key points and how the variables relate to our real world.

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Polymer Journal #4

Dream-On Video:

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Individuality, Freedom, Diversity

Can you imagine what would a society be like if there was no diversity? The theme developed in Scott Westerfield’s novel, Uglies, is that both freedom and individuality are crucial in a properly functioning society. The uglies seemed to be looking forward to into a pretty where they were free to do anything they wanted and party all night. However, things all turned out wrong when there were a few outlaws who uncovered the ugly truth. Tally, the main character, was dying to turn 16 and become a pretty to join her pretty friend, Peris. When she sneaked out from Uglyville to visit Peris, she realized that he didn’t even care about her. On her way back, Tally met a new friend, Shay. After that encounter, they immediately became very close friends. When they were both close to turning 16, Shay decided to run away to a town called Smoke and not become pretty. There were uglies who ran away to Smoke before Shay and stayed there to live forever. In this society, no one had any freedom. The pretties who didn’t want to live like pretties had no choice but to have fun all day. “I don’t want to be a pretty.” (Westerfield, 83)  And even the uglies weren’t allowed to live in fanciful places. After the age of 16, everyone looked, acted, and talked the same. No one was unique and no one was left out; there was absolutely no diversity. If everyone was the same, the world wouldn’t have any meaning. The white tiger orchids symbolize that too much of a pretty thing can lead to a total destruction. “One of the most beautiful plants in the world. But too successful. They turned into the ultimate weed.” (181) This is why in the end, the society was failing miserably and there were rebels trying to destroy everything.

I chose to do a collage because I felt like different photos of the setting would best represent my thematic statement. The first triangular photo depicted the kind of place uglies lived in and the photo next to it portrayed the New Pretty Town. Those two photos contrasted the two different ways uglies and pretties live. The blue photo below and the hexagon shaped photo symbolizes that everyone’s personality and appearance are the same and created by technology; not developed by natural. The last photo represented that these people had no freedom meanwhile in the other photo, where Tally and David are riding hoverboards in the Smoke, they had so much freedom. The hoverboards symbolized their freedom.

This also relates to our world right now. We all care so much about our appearance that we forget our true selves. But what defines beauty? We are all beautiful in different ways. It’s just which point of view we see it as. Our world is getting less diverse each time someone does a cosmetic surgery. The truth is, we’ve all forgotten how to love ourselves and with society’s pressure on everyone, we might not even remember what its like to not care about our body. Our society wasn’t developed to have clones everywhere. We were all “designed’ to be different from another and to have freedom in whatever we want to look like; not by peer pressure. That’s what makes a true and good society.

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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Polymer Journal #1



How is Polyester Made?


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Moongate 21

Moongate 21


The circles had no end to them.

Ivy green leaves hanging

Embellishing the brick walls.

Trees stood there. Untouched.

The different shades of grey seemed to be hiding something.

A ray of sunlight shines in,

But blocked by the vines interweaving each other.

Shadows and silhouettes.

They were visible on the ground.

The circles had no end to them.

It seemed to go on forever into the black abyss.

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Brat to Survivor

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson is a historical fiction novel that describes the journey of a young adult, Mattie that changed her life forever. Mattie is a teen still figuring out her life although she hated doing chores and always complained about helping her mother in the garden.”‘I can’t tell who is lazier, Polly or you,’ Mother muttered as she stalked out of the room.” (Anderson, 2) However, when the yellow fever strikes Philadelphia, everyone falls sick. She had no choice but to leave her mother and the city that she loves and flee into the country with her grandfather. When they get kicked out of their carriage, Mattie’s grandfather falls ill with yellow fever. She had to learn how to survive on her own and take care of her grandfather at the same time. Not long later, Mattie becomes the victim of the fever as well. Once they return back to the city, more people were dying and her mother was missing. Thieves broke into their coffeehouse as Mattie watches her grandfather fight them. The horror of horrors, she witnesses her grandfather’s death. Mattie is truly dependent on surviving by herself. Farmers were scared to come into the city to sell their food, so there was barely any food. As Mattie takes responsibility of a baby orphan, Nell and helps Eliza in the Free African Society, she grows more mature. As soon as the frost came, the fevers were over. Mattie decided to open the coffeehouse and asked Eliza to be her partner. The coffeehouse has been more popular than ever. Mattie learned to be responsible and her journey into her adulthood is complete. “‘Stop,’ I laughed. ‘If I’m going to help run this place I had better act the part.'” (227)

One of my friends is similar to Mattie. Even though she didn’t go through this horrific event Mattie went through, likewise to Mattie, her personality also changed. After going to a different country and living by herself, she has become a lot more independent and did everything by herself. I created a fake facebook page because I wanted to indicate how Mattie’s personality has changed from her first post to her last post, going from her childhood to her adulthood; as well as describing the events that occurred throughout this novel. Mattie used to complain and depend on her mother but after that experience, she was individualistic. She used to be a brat and complained all the time, however after the fever, Mattie became a survivor, running the coffeehouse stronger than ever.

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The Syrian War – Daniela’s Journals

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