Mother, A Title Just Above Queen

Do you sometimes look back at your life and felt proud of an accomplishment even though your mother had pushed you? Well, Waverly’s mother had successfully helped Waverly to become what she is now. She is a mom who is full of contradicting characteristics because she is aggressive, strict, and flamboyant but on the other hand, she is wise and determined to get her children to succeed. But a person cannot be flawless and perfect. Waverly’s mother is both filled with bad and good characteristics.

She is wise to know what her children need she is appreciative of everything she has, and she has tactics to help her children. “My mother imparted her daily truths so she could help my older brothers and me rise above our circumstances.” (Tan, 1) “My mother graciously thanked the unknown benefactor, saying, “Too good. Cost too much.” (4) “Next time win more, lose less.” (7) Waverly’s mother has gratitude. Waverly’s mother tries to coach Waverly after she won the tournament, but Waverly disagrees with her. After the next tournament, Waverly did what her mother told her to do and she won. This shows that even though Waverly’s mother doesn’t play chess, she can still teach strategies that might apply to any other activities. This serves an important part in Waverly’s mother’s character because she is a good mother who not only tells her children what to do but teaches them how to do it.

However, Waverly’s mother is very strict. She usually scolds her children to do the right thing. This isn’t bad, but it proves how much of a good mother she is to be willing to get her children to rise above the circumstances that they are. “Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums.” (1)

Waverly’s mom talks aggressively, shouts a lot and doesn’t treat members in the family equally. Most of the things she says are command and orders. “Aii-ya. So shame be with mother?” (9) She treats Waverly’s brothers like they are a lower class than Waverly. “Meimei play, squeeze all her brains out for win chess. You play, worth squeeze towel.” (7) “Aii-ya! Stupid girl!” my mother and the woman cried.” (9) I don’t think that Waverly’s mom should talk like that, she should be calm and reasonable.

Throughout the story, the characteristics of Waverly’s mother don’t change. She stays consistent with her both positive and negative attitudes.  Overall, I think Waverly’s mother is a good mother because she knows what she needs to do to help her children become successful, she is a mother who is better than a queen.


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