Acting: Day 1

What did we do in class?

We started with getting to know Mr. Redman and then kicking the class off with warm up exercises. After that we did some activities with the class to work on our ensemble skills. We then finished the class period with an improv game.

How did you feel about what we did in class? What did you enjoy or what was interesting?

To be honest I very much enjoyed the improv game because it required for us to step outside of our comfort zones and contribute to this challenge. I am not so confident with my improvisational skills so it would be really beneficial if we were to continue these games as well as creating a stronger bond as an ensemble.

What are you looking forward to in the class? Are you nervous or excited or just “trying to make it through”?

I’m looking forward to the new acting skills that we will learn about and monologue work. In middle school, we didn’t have a lot of time to spend on drama and even in classes we were limited in naturalism acting and monologues due to a short amount of classes we had. I’m very excited about the upcoming classes.

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Capstone Reflection

I have learned about how smoking impacts health, economy, and the social aspects of our daily lives. Smoking is a major issue that people don’t recognize the negative effects of. I contributed a documentary and a paper that can warn people about smoking and maybe change the way they think about smoking and possibly even quit. My opinions on smoking have changed because, after the research that I have made, it leads me to have more knowledge of this health crisis. I drew upon specific skills that I can use while surveying people such as; smiling so that they are comfortable, having the confidence to go up to somebody and ask questions, etc.  I would manage my time more efficiently and produce a better quality documentary. If I had more time and better equipment, I would definitely have produced a better documentary.  Make sure that you’re on top of your work and don’t procrastinate and push things to the last minute. Review your work before submitting.


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Algebra 1 Catapult Reflection

In our quadratics unit, we built a catapult that fired ping pong balls to hit the targets in the challenge. Our catapult was somewhat successful because it hit most of the targets. Throughout the building of the catapult, we had to construct standard, vertex and factored forms to resemble the parabola of our catapult. The most important learning was how to construct quadratic equations that represented the path of the catapult. The most challenging aspect of this project is building a catapult that fires and aims accurately. Next time, I will make the firing place more stable and glued more securely. This project helped me understand what the equations of the different forms and what the terms of the equation mean in the context of the problem.


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Polymer Journal Entry 4

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A “Pretty” Place with Pretty People

In the book Uglies written by Scott Westerfield, the theme is primarily centered on how society’s superficial ideas of beauty are to abolish individuality. Does equality make a utopian society? If everybody was to look the same, then there will be no more discrimination. “Cities worked very hard to stay independent of one another, but the Pretty Committee was a global institution that made sure pretties were all more or less the same.” (Westerfield, 35) Equality does not define a utopian society because it does not exist. The people that belong to the society are all brain damaged for thinking that beauty and appearance is everything. That they thrive on being pretty and how it is part of life. As the story progress, Tally slowly learns that beauty is not always defined by the outside and appreciates how important individuality is. “Listen Tally. That’s not what’s important to me. What’s inside you matters a lot more.” (84) The soundtrack that I created revolves around betrayal, inner-beauty, individuality, and conformity.

Scars to Your Beautiful: (0:00-2:58)

This song by Alessia Cara is inspirational to young women as it contains context that lessens self-insecurity. The main message is to let us know that beauty is not defined by your physical appearance. Currently, in our modern world, young women lack self-confidence due to criticism that comes from others telling them that they are not beautiful enough for the way their body is shaped or how they look like. Tally criticizes herself because she doesn’t look physically the same as the “pretties”, but what is the point of being pretty when everybody is equal and nobody is unique.

Bad Blood: (2:59-5:59)

This song by Taylor Swift conveys betrayal in her lyrics. “Did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted” these lyrics relate to the scenario that happened between Shay and Tally. Tally betrayed her best friend for being pretty, her loyalty was a show all along and Tally broke Shay’s trust. Tally lies a lot, not simple white lies, lies that leave the ones you trust most in pain for regretting their choices of trusting you in the first place.

Most Girls: (6:00-9:28)

Girls are supposed to be pretty, to be poised and elegant. Society puts them down because of how they look like, not allowing them to stand out and be unique. “Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful. Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable” these lyrics show individuality stepping further than society’s circumstances. Girls can be whatever they want to be, they can be free to express themselves, to step out of conformity regulations from society. Just like how Shay left to the Smoke, rebelling against society for living a life that she wants, not what society wants.

Complicated: (9:28-13:40)

This song by Avril Lavigne narrates how she wants her friend to shed the complicated image and get back to staying real. This relates to Shay wanting Tally to just be herself instead of undergoing unnecessary surgery that will change her. “When you become somebody else round everyone else, you’re watching your back like you can’t relax. You’re trying to be cool, you look like a fool to me.” These lyrics show about identity and people trying to change yourself to live up to other peoples’ expectations.


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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Polymer Journal #1

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The Summer of Grief, Lost, and Love

In the book “The Square Root of Summer” written by Harriet Reuter Hapgood emphasizes a theme that is not only crucial to this book but it highlights the significance of our youth. I created a book trailer highlighting the theme. Harriet manages to grab the readers’ attention while pointing out a consistent theme throughout the book, how to go on living in the present and move forward when things go wrong.

Gottie struggles to breathe with the sorrow sitting at the back of her heart, the death of her grandfather Grey and the pain of remembering Jason, her secret boyfriend who discarded her effortlessly. Thomas, her former best friend swears on a blood oath that he’ll be there no matter what however he moved to Canada leaving Gottie with the absence of everything in her life. She drifts away from everybody thinking as if detaching her away from everybody else is a solution to escaping her grief. “If you turn people away enough times, eventually they stop trying to find you.” (Hapgood, 85) The bonds of friendship rely on memories of shared experiences with the people that you love. “And as he looks at me, I suddenly get it. “This isn’t the Big Bang. It’s just summer. But it’s still love. It’s still something.” (134)

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Chinese Cultural Revolution

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