Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share


The action of a catapult uses tension, torsion, and gravity, it employs rubber band to create torsion and throw the marble. The most efficient and accurate type of catapult, a trebuchet makes use of a heavier counterweight than the payload to provide the energy for launch.

The area I think was successful is that the catapult is working, it and launch the marble.

The areas I need to improve in the product is choosing a material that is more fit to make to catapult and also using the glue gun more carefully and accurately.

The catapult does not impact on the environment a lot. The potential client will be the people who like to teasing friend using the catapult.

Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

Engineering task is a coordinated series of activities or tasks involved engineers, designers, drafters, and others from one or more engineering disciplines


This catapult will be used as a fun toy to throw things at people. It will use mechanical power from using your hands and will transfer the energy into the kinetic energy of the flying projectile.

-Recreational machines

This is a game machine designed for recreational.


We had a trip to Shimenshan. It’s a really exciting and wonderful trip, we did a lot, such as climbing, rafting and building rafts all by ourselves. The experience was so memorable that I would remember it forever.The whole process was pleasant except for the hotel, which is smelly and there were bugs and loud noise. Anyway, it’s a wonderful trip.