Capstone Movie

Introduction: For my capstone movie, I did SDG goal 7; sustainable and clean energy. My main focus is on plastic waste and how could recycle solve the plastic waste issue.

Reflection: This is the first time of me making a documentary video, even though for me it’s pretty good. But there are still few small issues I need to fix, first is video editing, I have tried my best to make my video fluence, but there are still few parts that were not good enough. Also, since this is the first time I make a documentary video. I should make people be interested, for example, the interview part is too long and too boring, I could add some image to it to support my interview or just simply make it shorter.

URL link to the Capstone movie:

Capstone: Elevator Pitch

Introduction: For the elevator pitch, I did SDG goal 7. Sustainable and clean energy, in the video, I talk about the relationship between renewable energy and recycling and how is it an issue; also how people are making conception on recycling renewable energy.

Reflection: I did pretty well on the elevator pitch. I express my idea well, my voice is clear loud and expressive, I check my note and use filler words rarely. Even though, I still have few problems to improve on. For example, I shouldn’t put my notecard below. Because that makes my eye contact with the floor, instead of the audience.

URL link to the elevator pitch video:

Polymer project journal entry 4

Journal entry 4

Polymer Project Journal 4 Notes

Polymer project journal entry 3

Journal entry 3

Polymer Project Journal 3 Notes

Polymer project journal entry 2

Journal entry 2

Polymer Project Journal 2 Notes

Polymer project journal entry 1

Journal entry 1

Polymer Project Journal 1 Notes

The Syrian Revolution

This journal is a self-created Syrian revolution realistic fiction story. In the story, the main protagonist Kevin Ali was supposed to be a normal overseas student who lives in Canada. But life never goes easy on him, he failed his exam and his home country Syria was on the edge of doom; he struggles on the decision to go back to his country for his family or to stay in Canda for his own safety.

Common craft video-Syrian revolution

After the two week of close studying on the Syrian Revolution and Arab spring with Mr. Sostak, our project was to make a unbiased and a reliable Syrian revolution’s common craft video. The plot and timeline should be from 2010 to 2018(currently) and including every big event that were happened during 2010 to 2018, for example: the shooting at the peaceful protester, the attack on the public hospital, the series of airstrike on the citizen and rebel, the release of chemical weapon and the proxy war etc. We use live action and cut out to film the whole common craft video.

Connect with a theme: Our Choice

Global warming is happening currently and it’s treating the whole humanity. The book Our Choice, is about a huge crisis we are facing right now, which is global warming. Author AI Gore wants to make the younger generation  know about global warming, why it is happening and who cause it. He also want us to understand why is it a huge crisis that is threatening the whole humanity currently and want us to react on solving global warming issue; so we could build a better future for the whole society and earth itself.

All the major causes of global warming are created by us, human. According to the pollution data around the world, countries like China and USA produce approximately 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. In Our Choice AI Gore conclude and agreed“Climate change, global warming, climate crisis—-it has different names, but they all mean the same thing: the earth’s environment is changing, and we, human beings, are the primary cause.”(AI Gore). Myself, as a younger generation who is responsible for the future of humanity and earth itself. Because global warming won’t just affect a person’s life, it will affect the whole humanity’s future.

So global warming is already happening and it link to every human around the world, if we don’t act on solving global warming, it would destroy our society and environment; even the doom of humanity.


OneDay project

My goal for OneDay is to create and finish a stop motion movie.

I achieved my goal of one day.

I use my time wisely to create and finished the animation. I also use my technique that I learn before to finish my goal.

I use a app called stykz to create the animation and finish my goal.