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Independent reading project: The Last Book of the Universe (Exposition)

Letter to Spaz

Dear Spaz, my name is Austin Wu. Who live in a time when there have books, clean water and everyone live happily in a better and organize society then future. I have been read of your story, but I want to know more about your early childhood and what you have seen about the change of the society. This letter is to ask you about your future life and your early childhood, your story has given some clues about your early life and how you have seen the society, but I did not know much about it. First question, Who is your actual parent? What have you experience when you are young? Have you been in to any kind of education place? How is the world different then the way you see when you are young until you have been banded from the place? How did your life change because of that? Thank you for pay attention and read my letter.                                                                                             -Sincerely, Austin Wu

Paragraph: This letter is to ask about the question of the early life of Spaz and how did the society change when he was young and until he became a banger. Because there have not much of the flashback of Spaz and how did he think of the society, which I want to write a letter to him to ask the question about his early life and how he think the society change during the time passed.

The Monkey’s Paw

The story of the found poem is from page 10 and the found poem I am doing is from the short story The Monkey’s paw, the author is W. W. Jacobs, the concept of my poem is the characterization of Mr. White and Ms. White when there son died weeks after, I chose these sentences to describe their feeling after their son died and the artwork supports my poem because it shows the loneness and the hopelessness of Mr. White and Ms. White after their son died.

About Me

Austin Wu
I am a positive person, snowboarder experts; devotion to be an author and patience to treading things; I am a funny joker, fast writer and a dog lover.
Devotion means that you love something and you want to do. For me being an author is a great job to do. So, that’s why I use the world devotion as a word to describe me that I like to be an author.
Patience means that I am not rush at doing work, which I use this word is because that being a good student or a great author need to have lot of patience to work at writing and studying language use.
I use fast for my poem does not mean that I type fast, fast represent that I know what I am going to write and how I am going to write it.