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Resolution: Skelton Creek


Ryan and Sarah are the best friends during their childhood, they like to explore things; like an old factory in the middle of the frost, that’s were the nightmare start. Ryan is scared about the things he is facing after that night, “The first thing that scared me is what happened to me, the second thing that scared me is what I seen, It all scared me, and it’s all like a cloth in a dryer roll around my head.” He want to rid of this fear, but he is having more fear than what happened in that nigh.¬†This magazine cover is presenting Ryan with his fear, and how is he going to face it. Ryan himself is stuck in the middle of deciding to let fear conquered him forever, or he is going to conquered the fear inside him and live with it. The image on the top present Fear inside Ryan, the image at the bottom present how Ryan is going to face the fear.


Boxer Rebellion Map