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Consequence of abuse drug

People often cares about how other people think of them. Specially people who have different situation then other, like people who are fat. Those people often get hurt by physical or emotional, and they want to solve the problem. But some people could often get to a wrong way by doing wrong things, like taking drug; specially drug that was illegal.

For example a fat people, who is trying to loss weight. But he/she don’t like to take sports, instead he/she is been taking attention by using drug to loss weight ; drug like DHP burner, DHP burner won’t cause addictions, but it will cause lot of health issue like overheats heavy sweating shortness breath. It is also can be made to an explosive, people who take this drug could be arrested and get fine. It also could harm the emotion of their own family member, because of the terrible health issue of the drug user in family.